Thursday, April 19, 2012


As you all know, I always buy things online. I am addicted to it! I love online shopping. My first online shopping experience was with Doublewoot. I bought a shirt dress (which I still have it until today! yay!) That was like, 2 years ago! Then, I started ventures into blog reviews about some online shopping blogs and just trying to find out more about online shopping. I ended up with YourShoppingKaki blog and it was like a heaven for online shoppers! I clicked at almost every link that she have inside her blog.


Up until today, advertisements for online blogs like this are widely open. Some even did an advert with Nuffnang. So, for those who have installed the Nuffnang advert display, it could show up the blog shop link. I found out this one website through this. I think, in most of the websites that I visited, I saw this advert so it tends to make me to click it! (superb marketing by them!)


* Taken from 9gag/ haha *


* Taken from damnyouautcorrect / again.haha *


So yeah, who dosent feel like they need to open those website right? I saw the same advert made by Zalora but for shoes. Oh yes I tell ya, I open the link straight away!

First of all, I love this website so so so much! It made my life of online shopping so EASY! Seriously easy! They have woman,man and kids collections. So under those main topics, they have shoes,apparels, accessories,under RM100 and more! That is not the main thing that I love about this website (apart from they sell man clothings!!) I love how they actually classify everything inside their website. Meaning to say, all you have to do is just click on what you want to only see. For example, check the picture below. :)



You can have your category set,size,color and even price! If you are looking for a cheaper kinda clothings or shoes or accessories, you can just simply click on the RM0-50! Easy right? So, I love this website so so much! It made my life pretty easy as they have these so called classify thingy. :) Some more, they provide FREE SHIPPING throughout Malaysia! Unfortunately, they have not yet venture into international market. :(

So, do check them out! There is always some things that you can buy at Zalora. Oh yes before I forgot, if you subscribe to their newsletter, you can get RM20 off voucher instantly and you can use it on your purchase (RM50 and above only!) :)

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