Tuesday, May 29, 2012

BOTD–Daiso makeups (foundation)

This is just a short update of the makeup that I am using right now which is from Daiso. Daiso is the RM5 shop from Japan. They opened their branches here all over KL/Selangor. I love to go to this shop as everything is RM5! But you have to be intelligent to shop here. sometimes, some other products you can get it at the price below RM5. So, shop wisely. ;)

I am going to give a review of the stick foundation and also the 2 way palette cake that I am currently using. Yesterday, I applied the stick foundation. I was amazed by the quality of it! Even though it is just a RM5 foundation but the quality is quite nice. Once you applied it on your face, you’ll tend to get this oily-ness feeling on your skin but once you let it set for a while, the oily feelings will just go away. It does not give as much coverage as the branded foundations but I think for a RM5 foundation, it is one of the best. It does not smell at all and are easy to apply as well because is comes in a stick form.

Today, I am wearing the 2 way palette foundation. I find it pretty powdery compared to some other powder foundations but this one is actually okay as well. I find it, once you applied it onto your face, it tends to be looking powdery so you have to applied it slowly just not to make the foundation looks cakey. I believe that I purchased a tad lighter color for my skin but I still can wear it anyway. It will suits your skin tone a little bit. Not bad at all for a RM5 foundations. The coverage is okay, light to medium coverage I should say but sometimes when I look again, it seems to be having a full coverage!

These two foundations never make me feel disappointed. I have not yet get any breakouts from using these foundations. But I must aware you that these two foundations have paraben in it. I don’t really know about paraben that much but I think, most of makeups they do have parabens. Even my old mac foundation.

So, that is all for my review about those foundations. Pictures will be up soon, later tonight. :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

BOTD–Daiso makeups

Yesterday I went to Daiso with Irfan. I actually wanted to do this for so long now. Up until yesterday, this vision has come true. :) I know some people are skeptical  (including me) about cheap un branded makeup items. So I think, why not give it a try? Buy some makeups from Daiso and do a video review about it. I don’t think I’ll loose anything. The makeup costs me RM5 each only. So gradually, I will do a batch 2 & 3 of these review.

This is the batch one of it. I bought 8 makeup items, all different types and functions. I will do another second batch soon! I would want to try every makeup in Daiso and will give my best and honest opinions about it. :) So do check out my YouTube channel!










From Left – Right (below) : Cool Blue eye shadow palette,2 way cake palette foundation in Natural Beige,  Eye shadow rose palette, 2 eyeliner in 1 (Brown & pinkish white), Rouge Gel Lip gloss in rose.

From Left – Right (top) : 2 way cake palette foundation in Natural Beige, Stick foundation, Blusher in Pink.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Aku baca balik entry blog aku yang lepas2. Yeah, banyak benda mengarut yang aku type. Tapi ada jugak yg tak kurang hebatnya. Cheh! :P And I’ve notice that aku banyak type dalam Bahasa Melayu dulu-dulu. So rasa macam agak weird pulak. haha. Tapi, anyhow, aku still mencari entry aku yang mana satu sampai ada orang boleh terasa diri sampai dia naik menyampah kat aku and aku pun lama-lama naik menyampah kat dia. Oh. Bukan kat dia saje, kat semua.

Well, sampai sekarang aku tak jumpa. Ntah la kan. Aku type tak semestinya tuju kat dia kan? Nak terasa sangat kenapa lah. Pelik2 manusia ni. Tapi tak pe, malas nak ungkit cerita lama. Biarlah dia pun bahagia kot ye dengan suami dia yang kaya raya tu. Harap2 solat di jaga la ye. Jangan suami kaya tapi solat kayap. hihi. eh terasa ke?

Yeah, sebenarnya entry ni tak de motif pun. Aku just saja nak sakitkan hati orang je. haha. aku tak tuju kan sapa-sapa, macam yg dia kata dulu. tapi mesti dia boleh tau kan aku tuju kat sapa. haha.


I know I am vain. I take photos of myself quite a lot. I know my boyfriend is too before. :P Want to see how extreme my VAIN level is? Check out some of the photos below. And I took some photos from my boyfie Facebook/Myspace page as well. That was his past photos, way before he knows me. And yes, he is vain too. :p






l (1)





Ya. Kami memang VAIN. ;p

Friday, May 18, 2012

Masterjoke : Harith Iskandar & Douglas Lim

I forgot to update to you regarding about the Masterjoke Harith & Douglas. It happened at Jaya One PJ Live Art Theatre. One ticket costs RM60.

We are NOT allowed to record any videos or pictures during the masterjoke session. But I still have some memories about that night though so I thought I would share it with you.

First and foremost, when they said it will start at 8:30PM, please..do not expect it to be sharp 8:30PM. There will be a slightly time changes so bear with it. As this is not some kind of a world class theater like Istana Budaya but they still make it quite okay. The seating was a little bit different. I thought there was going to be another people beside us (I saw this online while selecting the seats), but while we were there, it was none. Maybe that person does not come on that night or maybe they were shifted to some other seats.

The hall is not that big but it is okay to accommodate around 600 people I guess. The night when we went, it was full house. Seriously it was packed like hell! But not like suffocating type of full. so yeah, it was okay.

Let’s talk about the joke. A joke is a joke. Any kind of things,saying,doings that could make people laugh, is a joke. I was looking forward for Harith to do some cool jokes. But he ended up talking about his kid and wife and mom and dad. Which was OK because it has some funny elements in it but it was too personal for people to take it as a joke. I think he should mix and match a little bit. People does not that into family jokes as they might feel like, should they laugh? It involves family, his family. Can we laugh at his family wrong doings? I don’t know. Some of us were laughing like hell, some of us were a little bit controlled. So, it is important to choose the right focus on giving jokes.

Not to say that I like Douglas Lim jokes. Yes, like I said. A joke is a joke. When someone is laughing towards your saying, it is a joke. But, to produce quality jokes is quite hard. Living in a multicultural country, we are united as one I should say. Douglas Lim jokes was quite racists which, I think it is kind of true. But I like some part of his jokes because it is a joke and people can relate it to their own lives. He make jokes about k-pop, the Chinese, the Malays. But we can still laugh at it as we all know, it is only a joke. But how to make a joke to become serious? Who knows, those jokes are for us to analyze, or for us to actually think deeper? It is all in your perception. If you want to take it seriously, than take it seriously. If you hate the joke, you hate it. It is all up to your intelligence.

This is my first time, seeing a stand up comedy type of action. And I love it. It’s like..Super Spontan. I could laugh, or digest something from it. I can forget about my work life for a while.

Oh yes, they did perform some songs.

I rate the both of them 4 Stars as 5 stars are way to perfect to be true.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy and you know it..

Have you ever had this such a happy feelings where you know you can’t wait to get that something? I did. I did have that feelings last Tuesday. Where I got my car back after two weeks of waiting. It went on a minor/major beautifications. Repainted I should say. Yes. I have been waiting to see that car beautiful and alive again for such a long time. I think about 5-6 years now. And now, I can see it being beautiful each and every single day.




The first stage was changing the front hood of my car. Before this it was terrible. Like hell. Haha. Because I banged it. Yes I did. Only certain people knows about that incident.



Second stage, where they just scrap all of those tiny holes or uneven surfaces onto my car’s body. Yeap. Looks kinda sad isn’t it? oh my my.


Now, a beautiful brand-new look car! Love love love it so much! hehe.. Worth the money and wait.

FOTM–Foto Of The Month









Just some random photos that I have taken all this month. :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trusting people.

Know what, I am the most easiest person to trust others. Without investigating, I just TRUST. But when my wall of trust is being torn down, I still have the guts to trust that person, for a second time. Am I stupid? I don’t think so. Because I think, trusting others are the key in any relationship. Be it you and your family, you and your boss or you and your partner.

As for me, if you break my trust wall, you will deserve to feel the same like what you did to me. So, my style is revenge. Little by little. I know, I may sound scary right now but I think people who knows me well, they know me WELL. I am a revenge type. I think revenge is sweet. I even love to watch any revenge type of movies, such as THOR. Yes, I love Loki than that ugly-big deep voice Thor. I know how he feels.

Revengers people are always being misunderstood for being bad. Bad influence, bad this and bad that. But, if you feel the needs for those revengers, you know how it feels like. I know how it feels like.

But of course, I don’t just simply do revenge. I think about what revenge I should do, I think about the consequences, time, cost, effort and outcome of it. So yes, I do have brains and heart. Not just simply do it.

So yes. I know after reading this, many of my friends perceptions are going to be different towards me. No worries, I am still the same me. I have been like this since I know you. So why do you need to be terrified of me right? :)

Do watch Dark Shadows. It’s about love and revenge. Love can’t be force, trust can’t be created.

Monday, May 7, 2012

CFG–Ford Fiesta

Hello guys & girls, for today’s episode of Cars for Girls/Guys, I would love to introduce to you the lovely car from Ford, Fiesta. Ever since I saw this lovely and cute car, I am eager to know more about it. One of my friend are currently using this car. I did asked her things like the specialty of this car. She said it has this speakerphone where she can talk to anyone without touching her phone. I think it is voice activated. Cool huh? ^_^ She drives the Sport version and not the Sedan ones. I think the sport version is well, more edgy and sporty compared to the yucky looking sedan.

Lets go and see the spec for this car. It has 6 speed dual clutch Powershift (paddle shifters) automatic transmission. Wow. 6 speed for a small car like this. My car only has 4 speed. HAHA. ^_^ As usual, cars nowadays must have ABS, EBD (electronic brake force distribution), airbags, traction control and more. Those ‘canggih2’ ones that my big car does not have. As for the sedan ones, the additional that it has was 7 airbags, trunk capacity of 470 liters, kinetic design exterior and more.

Both Sedan & Sport have 1.6L engine with powershift. 1.6L engine car, I think it is fuel efficient. Like my friend told me, it is actually. The fuel consumption is around 5.9L for every 100km/h (depending on the driving skills. If you drive like mad,I think it will eventually eat your fuel a lot). The sedan has 4 doors while the Sport version has 5 doors. Yes, the 5th door was the back door. They did not call it a bonet as it is actually a door. canggih much? Mostly hatchback cars, they call it 5 doors. Learn something new? Great! Now lets get back to the engine, it is a 4 cylinder DOHC 16V engine.

Gear ratio :

Gear Ratio Sport Sedan
1st 3,917 3,917
2nd 2,429 2,429
3rd 1,436 1,436
4th 1,021 1,021
5th 0.867 0.867
6th 0.702 0.702
Reverse 3,507 3,507

As for girls (or maybe to some guys as well), we do not really understand or even care about the gear ratio. I personally am too. I have no idea before this that a gear ratio is kind of important as well. After a little research and searching, I did found some simple explanation regarding about gear ratio.

“The gear ratio is the relationship between the number of teeth on two gears that are meshed or two sprockets connected with a common roller chain, or the circumferences of two pulleys connected with a drive belt.”

In cars, the higher the gear ratio, the more accelerations that you will get but more fuel consumptions. If you want to know more about gear ratio click HERE

As for the table above, yes for the 1st gear, the ratio is higher and that is why your car feels very ‘light’ and easy to glide. The lower it gets, the less gear teeth it could be and that is why your 3rd to 6th gears are smaller and smaller. Imagine that you are paddling a bicycle with gears, the 1st gears always the most lightweight gear and you hate it, right? I used to hate 1st gears. And therefore, the 1st gear are actually the biggest and has more gear teeth. So, the less the teeth are, the more heavy your cars could be. I think the 3rd gear is okay. So, the reverse gear, why is it high? Yes, it needed to be high as you want to reverse your car, the gear need to adapt with the weight of your car as it is going backwards. So that is why, when you reverse your car, it can just glide without you struggling on it. If the ratio is low, I don’t think so you can even reverse your car. You might need to push your pedal like VERY HARD as your car will get veryvery heavy. Understand? :) I hope you do.

For more information about Ford, visit HERE (FORD)

Masterjoke Malaysia

Oh oh can’t wait to be at Masterjoke Malaysia tonight! Starring Harith Iskandar & Douglas Lim! It must be so damn funny. Hopefully I can laugh until the end of the show. If It’s nice, I might be going there again for other shows.

Will give you the scoop,feedback & pictures tomorrow!

Happy Monday!


Click here : Masterjoke Malaysia

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Addicted to this song!






No Me Digas Que No

Ay ay ay no me lastime mas el
Que no tengo siete vidas como
un gato
Ni mala intencion
Yo no soy como un juguete de
tu diversion
No me trates como un nino que
perdido va sin direccion

No me digas que no
No me digas que no
Yo me quedo contigo aunque
sea prohibido
No digas que no
No me digas adios
No me digas adios
Que tus labios no mienten yo se
lo que sientes
No digas que no

No me digas que no quieres
arreglar ;a situacion
Vencer en ti ese fuego y esa
Que antes sentias cuando me
Que antes sentias cuando me
Si te vas
No se que are
Eres la razon por la cual seguire
Esperando por ti
Hasta que tomes tu decision y
vengas a mi

No me digas que no
No me digas que no
Yo me quedo contigo aunque
sea prohibido
No digas que no
No me digas adios
No me digas adios
Que tus labios no mienten yo se
lo que sientes
No digas que no

Sigue ese ruido (hey hey)
Acercate y vente conmigo
Si lo consigo (hey)
Puedo ser tu novio
Tu amante
O tu amigo
Ella me mira yo la miro
Revolcamos en la cama
Y se me aceleran los latidos

Mirame no me digas que no
Que la noche acaba de empezar
Nos espera nuestra abitacion
(ehh..tu mirada me dice que

No me digas que no
No me digas que no
Yo me quedo contigo aunque
sea prohibido
No digas que no
No me digas adios
No me digas adios
Que tus labios no mienten yo se
lo que sientes
No digas que no [2x]


Don't Say No to Me

Ay ay ay don't hurt my heart any more
I don't have seven lives like
a cat
Nor bad intentions
I am not like a toy for
your amusement
Don't treat me like a child who,
lost, goes without direction.

Don't say no to me
Don't say no to me
I'll stay with you even though
it may be forbidden.
Don't say no to me
Don't say no to me
Don't say goodbye to me
Don't let your lips lie, I know
what you feel
Don't say no to me.

Don't tell me that you don't want
To fix the situation
To conquer in you that fire and that
That you felt before when you
looked at me
That you felt before when you
touched me
If you go away,
I don't know what I'll do
You are the reason that I will continue
Waiting for you
Until you make your decision and
Come to me.

Don't say no to me
Don't say no to me
I'll stay with you even though
it may be forbidden.
Don't say no to me
Don't say no to me
Don't say goodbye to me
Don't let your lips lie, I know
what you feel
Don't say no to me.

Follow that noise (hey hey)
Come close and come with me
If I get it (hey)
I can be your boyfriend
Your lover
Or your friend
She looks at me I look at her
We roll around on the bed
And my heartbeat speeds up.

Look at me, don't say no to me
The night just began
Our room waits for us
(ehh...your look tells me that
you want to...)

Don't say no to me
Don't say no to me
I'll stay with you even though
it may be forbidden.
Don't say no to me
Don't say no to me
Don't say goodbye to me
Don't let your lips lie, I know
what you feel
Don't say no to me

Cat kereta

Semalam hantar my car pergi cat. Nearly 10 years dah nak cat tak jugak dapat2, tapi semalam akhirnya my dad agreed! So, me and Irfan took a half day off untuk hantar my car to Kota Damansara. Pergi dua kereta, satu my Wira satu lagi Irfan’s car so that senang la nanti lepas drop my car ada kereta extra untuk pergi makan lunch. ;)

Masa hantar tu, lama la jugak nak bincang pasal harga,apa nak kena buat,kena bukak itu,bukak ini,check tu, check ini. Macam2 dia inspect satu kereta tu.hehe. Inspect untuk buat kira kos berapa RM kalau kena buat satu kereta. Nasib baik inner kereta tu okay lagi, so buat outer je lah. Cat balik warna yang sama, lepas tu tukar hood depan yang dah kemek macam ape je tu hehe then bumbung dia bukak and car baru. Mula mula dia bagi quotation, bumbung kena bukak and tukar baru, baru cat tu boleh tahan lama sampai 10 tahun lagi. Tapi kalau nak tukar bumbung harga dia RM1700! Gila ape?! aha. memang tak lah nak tukar. Kasi angkat yg lama,cat baru,then pasang balik je.

Tak pe lah, kereta tu bukan berjalan mana sangat. Paling jauh pun Shah Alam je la kot pernah pergi. Tempat lain yang jauh2 tak berani nak pergi dah. Takut ape2 jadi nanti susah. ;) Tapi kalau dah overhaul semua, boleh la nak jalan jauh2.

Wira, akan ku jumpa kamu dalam masa seminggu!


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