Monday, May 7, 2012

CFG–Ford Fiesta

Hello guys & girls, for today’s episode of Cars for Girls/Guys, I would love to introduce to you the lovely car from Ford, Fiesta. Ever since I saw this lovely and cute car, I am eager to know more about it. One of my friend are currently using this car. I did asked her things like the specialty of this car. She said it has this speakerphone where she can talk to anyone without touching her phone. I think it is voice activated. Cool huh? ^_^ She drives the Sport version and not the Sedan ones. I think the sport version is well, more edgy and sporty compared to the yucky looking sedan.

Lets go and see the spec for this car. It has 6 speed dual clutch Powershift (paddle shifters) automatic transmission. Wow. 6 speed for a small car like this. My car only has 4 speed. HAHA. ^_^ As usual, cars nowadays must have ABS, EBD (electronic brake force distribution), airbags, traction control and more. Those ‘canggih2’ ones that my big car does not have. As for the sedan ones, the additional that it has was 7 airbags, trunk capacity of 470 liters, kinetic design exterior and more.

Both Sedan & Sport have 1.6L engine with powershift. 1.6L engine car, I think it is fuel efficient. Like my friend told me, it is actually. The fuel consumption is around 5.9L for every 100km/h (depending on the driving skills. If you drive like mad,I think it will eventually eat your fuel a lot). The sedan has 4 doors while the Sport version has 5 doors. Yes, the 5th door was the back door. They did not call it a bonet as it is actually a door. canggih much? Mostly hatchback cars, they call it 5 doors. Learn something new? Great! Now lets get back to the engine, it is a 4 cylinder DOHC 16V engine.

Gear ratio :

Gear Ratio Sport Sedan
1st 3,917 3,917
2nd 2,429 2,429
3rd 1,436 1,436
4th 1,021 1,021
5th 0.867 0.867
6th 0.702 0.702
Reverse 3,507 3,507

As for girls (or maybe to some guys as well), we do not really understand or even care about the gear ratio. I personally am too. I have no idea before this that a gear ratio is kind of important as well. After a little research and searching, I did found some simple explanation regarding about gear ratio.

“The gear ratio is the relationship between the number of teeth on two gears that are meshed or two sprockets connected with a common roller chain, or the circumferences of two pulleys connected with a drive belt.”

In cars, the higher the gear ratio, the more accelerations that you will get but more fuel consumptions. If you want to know more about gear ratio click HERE

As for the table above, yes for the 1st gear, the ratio is higher and that is why your car feels very ‘light’ and easy to glide. The lower it gets, the less gear teeth it could be and that is why your 3rd to 6th gears are smaller and smaller. Imagine that you are paddling a bicycle with gears, the 1st gears always the most lightweight gear and you hate it, right? I used to hate 1st gears. And therefore, the 1st gear are actually the biggest and has more gear teeth. So, the less the teeth are, the more heavy your cars could be. I think the 3rd gear is okay. So, the reverse gear, why is it high? Yes, it needed to be high as you want to reverse your car, the gear need to adapt with the weight of your car as it is going backwards. So that is why, when you reverse your car, it can just glide without you struggling on it. If the ratio is low, I don’t think so you can even reverse your car. You might need to push your pedal like VERY HARD as your car will get veryvery heavy. Understand? :) I hope you do.

For more information about Ford, visit HERE (FORD)

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