Friday, May 18, 2012

Masterjoke : Harith Iskandar & Douglas Lim

I forgot to update to you regarding about the Masterjoke Harith & Douglas. It happened at Jaya One PJ Live Art Theatre. One ticket costs RM60.

We are NOT allowed to record any videos or pictures during the masterjoke session. But I still have some memories about that night though so I thought I would share it with you.

First and foremost, when they said it will start at 8:30PM, not expect it to be sharp 8:30PM. There will be a slightly time changes so bear with it. As this is not some kind of a world class theater like Istana Budaya but they still make it quite okay. The seating was a little bit different. I thought there was going to be another people beside us (I saw this online while selecting the seats), but while we were there, it was none. Maybe that person does not come on that night or maybe they were shifted to some other seats.

The hall is not that big but it is okay to accommodate around 600 people I guess. The night when we went, it was full house. Seriously it was packed like hell! But not like suffocating type of full. so yeah, it was okay.

Let’s talk about the joke. A joke is a joke. Any kind of things,saying,doings that could make people laugh, is a joke. I was looking forward for Harith to do some cool jokes. But he ended up talking about his kid and wife and mom and dad. Which was OK because it has some funny elements in it but it was too personal for people to take it as a joke. I think he should mix and match a little bit. People does not that into family jokes as they might feel like, should they laugh? It involves family, his family. Can we laugh at his family wrong doings? I don’t know. Some of us were laughing like hell, some of us were a little bit controlled. So, it is important to choose the right focus on giving jokes.

Not to say that I like Douglas Lim jokes. Yes, like I said. A joke is a joke. When someone is laughing towards your saying, it is a joke. But, to produce quality jokes is quite hard. Living in a multicultural country, we are united as one I should say. Douglas Lim jokes was quite racists which, I think it is kind of true. But I like some part of his jokes because it is a joke and people can relate it to their own lives. He make jokes about k-pop, the Chinese, the Malays. But we can still laugh at it as we all know, it is only a joke. But how to make a joke to become serious? Who knows, those jokes are for us to analyze, or for us to actually think deeper? It is all in your perception. If you want to take it seriously, than take it seriously. If you hate the joke, you hate it. It is all up to your intelligence.

This is my first time, seeing a stand up comedy type of action. And I love it. It’s like..Super Spontan. I could laugh, or digest something from it. I can forget about my work life for a while.

Oh yes, they did perform some songs.

I rate the both of them 4 Stars as 5 stars are way to perfect to be true.

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