Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trusting people.

Know what, I am the most easiest person to trust others. Without investigating, I just TRUST. But when my wall of trust is being torn down, I still have the guts to trust that person, for a second time. Am I stupid? I don’t think so. Because I think, trusting others are the key in any relationship. Be it you and your family, you and your boss or you and your partner.

As for me, if you break my trust wall, you will deserve to feel the same like what you did to me. So, my style is revenge. Little by little. I know, I may sound scary right now but I think people who knows me well, they know me WELL. I am a revenge type. I think revenge is sweet. I even love to watch any revenge type of movies, such as THOR. Yes, I love Loki than that ugly-big deep voice Thor. I know how he feels.

Revengers people are always being misunderstood for being bad. Bad influence, bad this and bad that. But, if you feel the needs for those revengers, you know how it feels like. I know how it feels like.

But of course, I don’t just simply do revenge. I think about what revenge I should do, I think about the consequences, time, cost, effort and outcome of it. So yes, I do have brains and heart. Not just simply do it.

So yes. I know after reading this, many of my friends perceptions are going to be different towards me. No worries, I am still the same me. I have been like this since I know you. So why do you need to be terrified of me right? :)

Do watch Dark Shadows. It’s about love and revenge. Love can’t be force, trust can’t be created.

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