Friday, June 29, 2012

Vanity Trove July

YAYNESS! I got my first Vanity Trove box last two days! And I am very very excited about it! I did a short video on this box on my YouTube channel. :)

Well, if you don’t know what are actually Vanity Trove. It is actually a beauty box subscription that you can subscribe every month, every 3 months or 1 year all along. I subscribed 3 months for this one. It costs RM60 per month/box. So, I’d pay RM180 last month. Vanity Trove is actually base in Singapore but they do ship to Malaysia as well. It is something similar to MyGlam bag, birchbox, Glossybox type of thing. :)

You can visit for more information! :)









Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cheating and why I do not want to.

Hey guys/gals, today punya topic is quite sensitive. Sensitive to those who loves cheating to their partner. Tak kisah lah, partner boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife doesn’t matter. It was actually the same.

Why do people cheat? Why do people go and find another partner? I have a simple answer for those who are still blur on why your partner cheated on you. It is BORED. They were bored of you. Bored and they do not like you as much as before anymore. Or maybe bored of things that you do are as a routine now. Bored because nothing special or surprises happened in your relationship anymore. Yes, the answer is actually BORED. Believe me, I know.

Then, why bother to cheat when you are feeling bored about your partner? Because you need something new. Or you want to have that first love kind of feelings again. You felt like your day has become a routine. Everyday you go to work, at night, you talk on the phone/skype/messenger. And you do that kind of routine everyday. Isn’t that boring? I mean, nothing special being added except when you are sick or it was on your birthday. Other than that, nothing. Same old routine I should say. So people tend to get bored. Just like you, eating the same old rice everyday. You must be getting bored of rice right? And you need something else do eat, something special that you have not eaten forever.

But why even if I feel like so, I did not cheat? Because I think cheating is just useless. I know the feeling must be great, but it is useless. You’ll end up being in the same relationship over and over again. Let me just show to you on a diagram below.


Can you see, it is just the same. And you are actually in a relationship LOOP! Don’t be such an idiot. No matter how handsome or great your next partner will be, when it comes to that boring relationship that you will be having in, let say..1 – 2 years time, you’ll definitely going to cheat again. Cheating is not right. But I know, people know that. I don’t have to elaborate why cheating is not right. You yourself must know that by now.

So, cheating is just a waste of time,money,love and soul. It’s not the reason that you are no longer beautiful/handsome or you had put on weight, or you are not that skinny anymore, or maybe you think that your partner does not love you anymore. It is because there is no sparks in your current relationship. No surprises or maybe one of you did not get any surprises, or maybe your love life has become a routine that sucks. Love is not that easy to let go or you are bored because your love ones have not changed to become better. Believe me, I know. :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello guys, what do you usually do on Saturday? I have the same routine every saturday which is recording videos for my YouTube channel in the morning, editing it around 12pm (which is what I am currently doing right now), and upload it inside YouTube. Those are like my Saturday and Sunday routine. So what’s next? Maybe I’ll be out, going to somewhere else with my boyfriend, or might be doing something else at home like watching movies, dvds, series, washing my hamster’s cage or anything else that I want to do. :)

So, what did you do on your regular Saturday?


* Le weird me *

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How do I overcome negative things (YouTube example)



OOTD–20 June 2012





Dress by : The Poplook

Handbag by : Glossy Addiction (imitation)

Accessories by : Forever 21

Belt : Free

Cameraman : ME! <3

* Please ignore all those messy stuffs behind *

Monday, June 18, 2012

Vending machine

I know, when I say something about vending machine, people might think that I am actually talking about some boring vending machine that they have encounter throughout their lives. But I say, if you have not yet stop your feet in Japan, you won’t know the real meaning of a vending machine.

Japan, the land of easiness, practicality and technology. I know I have not yet been to Japan (but looking forward to!) but I have done some research about those vending machine that they have there and some of them were like out of this world! the idea of a vending machine in Japan was to sell anything and everything suitable for their practicality. Even eggs, clothes, inner clothes, xxx dvd, beers, cigarattes and more they sell in a vending machine. How easy to get things over there. You don’t have to wait until the shop is open just to buy eggs. I salute their ideas in practicality.

Below are some of the videos that I could find inside YouTube that I found very interesting and amusing to watch. I just wish Malaysia has more vending machine. Not just restricted for drinks only. Oh yes, I remember my first experience with a vending machine back at my school days. It was a fizzy drink vending machine and it gives a paper cup instead of bottle/cans. And it a cup of drink only costs RM0.50! How cheap drinks back then. :)

Happy watching and drooling and praying that these vending machine (some of them) will be implemented in your country (if you are residing outside Japan of course! )

Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy 4 years old!

Today is actually my 4th year of having this blog! Yes, this blog was born on 15th June 2008. :)

Happy birthday to


May you’ll be my only blog throughout my entire life! I cherish what you have did to me, good or bad. :)



Thursday, June 14, 2012

BOTD–Daiso Lipgloss & lipstick

Hello girls! Today I just want to share with you just a tiny tad information (as I will be doing a review video on these items this week) so I might just do a little introduction review now.

I love these lip glosss because…………

  • It is not drying up my lips at all! Superb moisturizing.
  • The smell of the gloss is yummy! It smells like caramel.
  • Vibrant colors! I love it! :)

But, apart from all those things that I love, there are some drawbacks to this gloss too. I will reveal the drawbacks soon inside my review video. ^_^


Another thing that I would like to show you girls are the lipstick from Daiso! I love this lipstick too as it is not that glossy finish but not that matte finish as well. I think it is something in between. It does not dry up my lips and yes, it’s moisture as well.

I love the vibrant color that it has and the color is quite pigmented too for a RM5 lipstick. It just glides on smoothly on my lips and it is easy to apply.

But yes, there are some drawbacks as well for this item. No problem, I will list it inside my video!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just saw..

Okey, I just saw this new Toyota Camry adverts on YouTube. Wow! New Camry meaning that new Accord or Civic is coming soon as well! I just can’t wait for it. But, the only thing that catches my eye right now is… HABITRAIL! Haha. I know nothing got to do with cars. But it is just that I just saw that advert on YouTube so I have to say it here as an introduction. I know some of you do not know that Toyota has a new Camry right? ^_^

Well, yes. I have some addictions going on right now. One is buying makeups/beauty products at Daiso, second is Grass Jelly Milk Tea (I love when I can substitute my hate-ness of the bubbles inside the bubble tea to Grass Jelly) and I only ordered this drink whenever I am at Chatime or Ding Tea or Come Buy outlets, thirdly is the most current ones which is buying new things for my hamster’s home. Yes. I am addicted now to Habitrail. I have been searching inside Google and watching videos inside YouTube on how other people make up their hamster’s mansions. Yes, I call them mansions because some of them we actually so damn big for hamsters! It’s like a big city of hamsters!

I will share some of the videos that I have been liking and loving about hamsters mansions on YouTube so that you can see it as well .


But…the only concern that I have is about cleaning those huge mansions. haha. :P 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Absolute Royal.

Yes, this week my life has been like, all royal-ee as my dad is watching the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen 60 years of anniversary in a monarch. Wow. 60 years! I don’t dare to count her age. She’s been queened at the age of 25. She’s so young and pretty that time. Seriously. I am not kidding. So nice looking. Kinda look like Anne Hathaway a little bit. :)

Well, I am not going to talk about that event as I am not that interested in it as much as I am interested at the Duchess Kate Middleton fashion. I am so obsessed with her, looking at her clothing and all. Yes I know. Sounds kind of like a lesbiany but hey, she dressed well. And I have never seen any royal dressed up like her. What I am trying to say here is that, the way she dressed up, even ordinary people like us could wear as our office attire. So, she’s my role model now. Fashion role model.

She has always been so graceful. Wears color block dresses as well. Just like Queen Elizabeth II. But obviously Kate’s fashion is in trend. I know, the late Princess Diana was once being seen as a fashion role model as well for all those people in the 90’s. Especially her beautiful bob hair. It’s the biggest hair trend way back. Now, I admit. I too want a wavy hair like Kate. She has got this simple hair, makeup and attire. Which I think I could copy or follow. ;p

But yeah, she’s so tiny, might be a size 6 for UK size. And I am size 8 UK size. So, I might not look as good as her. T_T

What I can foresee from all the dresses is that, it must be knee high. Not higher, not lower. If lower, it would be a maxi dress.


* I could wear some of these fashion to work*


* She has been trained I guess. To wear sort of like a vintage look dresses like this one*


* Bright colors! Loving it! *


* There is nothing wrong with this picture. Her hair, the army shirt/dress. I love everything about her *


* Some sweet pastel pink color. I could wear something like this too to the office. But discard the hat *


* Yes, love how the tiny belt emphasis on her tiny waist. And the lace material. Love it *

BOTD - Daiso makeup journey

Hello girls and guys. I know for those who had been reading my blog and also my YouTube channel, you’d probably know that I and right now in the midst of reviewing and testing Daiso makeup stuffs. I know, some people reluctant to try cheap and unbranded makeups but I’d say, just give it a try! It’s RM5 only per item and it is quite a cheap makeup product compared to the branded ones.

The first thing that I noticed is that, some of the makeup products from Daiso has paraben. Yeah I know, it is not good for your skin (whatsoever) but I think some of the high end makeup products that I have currently, are also having paraben inside it. So, I think, with not that frequent use, it is okay.

Up until now, I have about 4 batches of makeups at home. The 4th batch is still ongoing as I am still trying to find some beauty/makeup thing to purchase. Now I just have soap and two lipsticks, I will add more and will do a small haul about it.

I am wearing Daiso makeup right now, even to the office, since last week. And I can say that the makeup is pretty okay. I have not get any breakouts or acne from it and as for the eye shadow, I love the vivid and also the pigments of the colors. It was so out of this world! It is a RM5 eye shadow but then it has the same quality as a RM200 eye shadow! Awesome! I might be doing some dupes for it too. No worries. I will do dupe with my naked palette as most of the eye shadow that I bought are in brownish shade.

I love it’s lip gloss too. Which comes in a rosy and bling bling type of glass jar.  At first, I bought a pinkish type of gloss color. And just because I love it so damn much! (I will reveal in my batch 2 and batch 3 videos why I love it so so so much!), I purchased another peach color. And now I think I would like to purchase more colors from it. :)



See, some RM5 items are not that bad after all. Wait for my second and third batch of Daiso Makeup Review! <3

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