Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Absolute Royal.

Yes, this week my life has been like, all royal-ee as my dad is watching the Diamond Jubilee of the Queen 60 years of anniversary in a monarch. Wow. 60 years! I don’t dare to count her age. She’s been queened at the age of 25. She’s so young and pretty that time. Seriously. I am not kidding. So nice looking. Kinda look like Anne Hathaway a little bit. :)

Well, I am not going to talk about that event as I am not that interested in it as much as I am interested at the Duchess Kate Middleton fashion. I am so obsessed with her, looking at her clothing and all. Yes I know. Sounds kind of like a lesbiany but hey, she dressed well. And I have never seen any royal dressed up like her. What I am trying to say here is that, the way she dressed up, even ordinary people like us could wear as our office attire. So, she’s my role model now. Fashion role model.

She has always been so graceful. Wears color block dresses as well. Just like Queen Elizabeth II. But obviously Kate’s fashion is in trend. I know, the late Princess Diana was once being seen as a fashion role model as well for all those people in the 90’s. Especially her beautiful bob hair. It’s the biggest hair trend way back. Now, I admit. I too want a wavy hair like Kate. She has got this simple hair, makeup and attire. Which I think I could copy or follow. ;p

But yeah, she’s so tiny, might be a size 6 for UK size. And I am size 8 UK size. So, I might not look as good as her. T_T

What I can foresee from all the dresses is that, it must be knee high. Not higher, not lower. If lower, it would be a maxi dress.


* I could wear some of these fashion to work*


* She has been trained I guess. To wear sort of like a vintage look dresses like this one*


* Bright colors! Loving it! *


* There is nothing wrong with this picture. Her hair, the army shirt/dress. I love everything about her *


* Some sweet pastel pink color. I could wear something like this too to the office. But discard the hat *


* Yes, love how the tiny belt emphasis on her tiny waist. And the lace material. Love it *


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