Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BOTD - Daiso makeup journey

Hello girls and guys. I know for those who had been reading my blog and also my YouTube channel, you’d probably know that I and right now in the midst of reviewing and testing Daiso makeup stuffs. I know, some people reluctant to try cheap and unbranded makeups but I’d say, just give it a try! It’s RM5 only per item and it is quite a cheap makeup product compared to the branded ones.

The first thing that I noticed is that, some of the makeup products from Daiso has paraben. Yeah I know, it is not good for your skin (whatsoever) but I think some of the high end makeup products that I have currently, are also having paraben inside it. So, I think, with not that frequent use, it is okay.

Up until now, I have about 4 batches of makeups at home. The 4th batch is still ongoing as I am still trying to find some beauty/makeup thing to purchase. Now I just have soap and two lipsticks, I will add more and will do a small haul about it.

I am wearing Daiso makeup right now, even to the office, since last week. And I can say that the makeup is pretty okay. I have not get any breakouts or acne from it and as for the eye shadow, I love the vivid and also the pigments of the colors. It was so out of this world! It is a RM5 eye shadow but then it has the same quality as a RM200 eye shadow! Awesome! I might be doing some dupes for it too. No worries. I will do dupe with my naked palette as most of the eye shadow that I bought are in brownish shade.

I love it’s lip gloss too. Which comes in a rosy and bling bling type of glass jar.  At first, I bought a pinkish type of gloss color. And just because I love it so damn much! (I will reveal in my batch 2 and batch 3 videos why I love it so so so much!), I purchased another peach color. And now I think I would like to purchase more colors from it. :)



See, some RM5 items are not that bad after all. Wait for my second and third batch of Daiso Makeup Review! <3

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