Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cheating and why I do not want to.

Hey guys/gals, today punya topic is quite sensitive. Sensitive to those who loves cheating to their partner. Tak kisah lah, partner boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife doesn’t matter. It was actually the same.

Why do people cheat? Why do people go and find another partner? I have a simple answer for those who are still blur on why your partner cheated on you. It is BORED. They were bored of you. Bored and they do not like you as much as before anymore. Or maybe bored of things that you do are as a routine now. Bored because nothing special or surprises happened in your relationship anymore. Yes, the answer is actually BORED. Believe me, I know.

Then, why bother to cheat when you are feeling bored about your partner? Because you need something new. Or you want to have that first love kind of feelings again. You felt like your day has become a routine. Everyday you go to work, at night, you talk on the phone/skype/messenger. And you do that kind of routine everyday. Isn’t that boring? I mean, nothing special being added except when you are sick or it was on your birthday. Other than that, nothing. Same old routine I should say. So people tend to get bored. Just like you, eating the same old rice everyday. You must be getting bored of rice right? And you need something else do eat, something special that you have not eaten forever.

But why even if I feel like so, I did not cheat? Because I think cheating is just useless. I know the feeling must be great, but it is useless. You’ll end up being in the same relationship over and over again. Let me just show to you on a diagram below.


Can you see, it is just the same. And you are actually in a relationship LOOP! Don’t be such an idiot. No matter how handsome or great your next partner will be, when it comes to that boring relationship that you will be having in, let say..1 – 2 years time, you’ll definitely going to cheat again. Cheating is not right. But I know, people know that. I don’t have to elaborate why cheating is not right. You yourself must know that by now.

So, cheating is just a waste of time,money,love and soul. It’s not the reason that you are no longer beautiful/handsome or you had put on weight, or you are not that skinny anymore, or maybe you think that your partner does not love you anymore. It is because there is no sparks in your current relationship. No surprises or maybe one of you did not get any surprises, or maybe your love life has become a routine that sucks. Love is not that easy to let go or you are bored because your love ones have not changed to become better. Believe me, I know. :)

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