Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just saw..

Okey, I just saw this new Toyota Camry adverts on YouTube. Wow! New Camry meaning that new Accord or Civic is coming soon as well! I just can’t wait for it. But, the only thing that catches my eye right now is… HABITRAIL! Haha. I know nothing got to do with cars. But it is just that I just saw that advert on YouTube so I have to say it here as an introduction. I know some of you do not know that Toyota has a new Camry right? ^_^

Well, yes. I have some addictions going on right now. One is buying makeups/beauty products at Daiso, second is Grass Jelly Milk Tea (I love when I can substitute my hate-ness of the bubbles inside the bubble tea to Grass Jelly) and I only ordered this drink whenever I am at Chatime or Ding Tea or Come Buy outlets, thirdly is the most current ones which is buying new things for my hamster’s home. Yes. I am addicted now to Habitrail. I have been searching inside Google and watching videos inside YouTube on how other people make up their hamster’s mansions. Yes, I call them mansions because some of them we actually so damn big for hamsters! It’s like a big city of hamsters!

I will share some of the videos that I have been liking and loving about hamsters mansions on YouTube so that you can see it as well .


But…the only concern that I have is about cleaning those huge mansions. haha. :P 

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