Monday, June 18, 2012

Vending machine

I know, when I say something about vending machine, people might think that I am actually talking about some boring vending machine that they have encounter throughout their lives. But I say, if you have not yet stop your feet in Japan, you won’t know the real meaning of a vending machine.

Japan, the land of easiness, practicality and technology. I know I have not yet been to Japan (but looking forward to!) but I have done some research about those vending machine that they have there and some of them were like out of this world! the idea of a vending machine in Japan was to sell anything and everything suitable for their practicality. Even eggs, clothes, inner clothes, xxx dvd, beers, cigarattes and more they sell in a vending machine. How easy to get things over there. You don’t have to wait until the shop is open just to buy eggs. I salute their ideas in practicality.

Below are some of the videos that I could find inside YouTube that I found very interesting and amusing to watch. I just wish Malaysia has more vending machine. Not just restricted for drinks only. Oh yes, I remember my first experience with a vending machine back at my school days. It was a fizzy drink vending machine and it gives a paper cup instead of bottle/cans. And it a cup of drink only costs RM0.50! How cheap drinks back then. :)

Happy watching and drooling and praying that these vending machine (some of them) will be implemented in your country (if you are residing outside Japan of course! )

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