Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baju Raya!

Yeah, baru puasa hari ke 11 dah nak cakap pasal baju raya. Tapi, memang orang zaman sekarang suka beli baju awal-awal. Nak kaut stock katanya. Sebab nanti lambat2, stock dah tak ada.

So, tahun ni ramai lah yang akan pakai baju rekaan designer yang terkemuka. Macam Rizalman, Radzwan Radziwill & Jovian sebab baju derang di jual kat kedai-kedia biasa kat Malaysia ni.

As for me, aku masih tak tau nak beli baju raya warna ape, kat mana and fesyen ape. Kebaya ke, kurung ke, kebarung ke, kurung kedah ke..still blur. Haha. Maybe kena pergi tengok kat kedai baru beli. Tak boleh la just nak harapkan online je. Tah tah kat kedai lagi banyak choices. Cuma masalahnya nanti, nak kena bersesak je la. Tak pe, we’ll see. Aku rasa tak nak sesak, memang kena amik cuti satu hari pegi beli baju raya je. Cuti aku pun banyak lagi. Hehe. ;)

So, korang beli baju raya kat mana? Mari la story mory. :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

British Invasion!




Those were the things that I am in Love with! Not just because it has a Union Jack flag but because it is purely BRITISH. I am just like my dad, 100% copy of my dad likings. He likes Japan, I LOVE Japan. He is into British, I am too!

Iron Lady, is one of my favorite movie for now. There are more British movies that I love to watch, especially something corny like ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’ which I have already memorized their dialogs inside the movie. I am also loving movies like The Last Speech, The Queen, Mr. Bean movie (who does not like Mr. Bean) and more. But, British movies does not enter Malaysia market that much. So, it is hard to get to watch their movies at the theater. All I do is  purchase the DVD and watch it on my laptop.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I have been instagrammed! Hehe. How lovely is this application now? I used to have it since it was launched but no one played with it just yet at that time so I stopped playing it for a while. But now, it has been like my daily photo diary. ;) Below are the instagram photos that I took for the past month.


Sunday, July 22, 2012

BOTD–Sephora Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner






I am absolutely in love with this Daily Makeup Brush Cleanser. I swear that this thing really works! I mean, this is only for those who are on a rush and wanted to clean their brushes quickly. It works like magic! All you need is pump 3-4 times onto your brush and wipe your brush onto a clean linen cloth.

As you can see in my first photo, it’s the dirty-ness that has been on my crease brush and the cleanser thing just brushed it all off! it is anti-bacterial which is definitely good! And it has a little fresh scent to it too, leaving your brush smells great! 

But, you still need to clean your brush with real water. I might be doing a video on how I wash my brushes soon. How did you wash yours? :)

P/S : One bottle of 60ml cleanser costs me RM39.90 (if I am not mistaken) ;)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Takkan ada..

Kat dalam dunia ni, takkan ada kerja yang senang. Takkan ada kerja yang baru masuk akan terus berjaya, takkan ada kerja yang kita akan selalu senang dan tak perlu berfikir. Sebab itulah, bila kita dah ada sesuatu pemikiran untuk kerja yang senang, kita takkan dapat sebab memang takkan ada kerja yang senang.

Maybe orang akan kata, jadi pelakon senang je pe..tak payah nak pening kepala nak kena marah lah ape semua..enjoy je kerja derang. Tapi yang kita tak tau, sebenarnya kerja jadi pelakon ni susah. Bukan kerja dia yang susah, tapi kerja dia penat. Nak melayan semua orang dalam set tu baik baik (walaupun kita tengah penat gila nak mati) sebab kalau tak layan dengan baik, tup tup masuk Melodi, masuk surat khabar..orang akan ada pelakon tu banyak songeh. Pelakon tak layan peminat kat instagram pun kena bahan macam macam, ni kan kalau tak layan orang yang di depan mata baik baik.

So, jangan ingat kalau kerja tu seronok, takkan ada stressnya. Tapi kadang-kadang, yang membuat sesuatu tu stress adalah sekeliling kawasan tempat kerja itu sendiri. Kalau ada pekerja yang sentiasa bersikap negative, or pekerja yang sentiasa fikir dia tak perlu nak dengar ide dari anak muda disebabkan dia dah ada kelulusan master dan mempunyai pengalaman bekerja lebih dari yg lain. Kalau pun nak bagi ide, biar logic akal dan keupayaan seseorang itu sendiri. Jangan nak samakan pengalaman dengan keadaan sekarang. Ada sesetengan perkara, tak boleh langsung nak diaplikasikan. Oleh itu, kalau nak tahu apa yang logik, saranan saya adalah untuk mendengar kata-kata orang yang tak ada pengalaman dulu, kita kaji mana logik akalnya sebab dia pengalaman dia masih fresh. mungkin ada betul kata-katanya.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Jangan sampai jadi terlalu mudah..

Jangan jadikan hidup ini sampai terlalu mudah nak bagi alasan yang tak munasabah. Jangan sampai setiap kali pun menggunakan alasan yang sama walaupun sebenarnya diri sendiri pun tahu itu benda yg bodoh untuk diperkatakan. Jangan sampai jadi orang bodoh yang tak tahu menilai mana yg betul dan mana yg tak.

Ya aku tahu aku memang pemarah. Dan aku selalu sebutkan benda tu tapi itu bukan alasan untuk kau gunakan ke atas semua benda yang kau gagal. Aku pun boleh gunakan alasan yang kau tu BODOH sebab tu kau tak pernah berjaya dalam pelajaran pun. Tapi aku tak nak gunakan alasan itu senang-senang sebab aku tahu kalau aku terusan bagi alasan bodoh, kau takkan belajar. Tapi, kau dah selalu sangat menggugat kesabaran aku. Cuma aku tau, kau tahu yang kau tu salah cuma kau tak nak mengaku sebetul betulnya.

Ikut lah kata hati kau yang EGO tu. Takkan sampai ke mana. Orang pun tak nak duduk dekat dengan kau (lagi lagi orang yg kau sayang) sebab tak tahan dengan perangai kau yang makin tak munasabah.

Aku kesian tengok kau. Orang yg kau mungkin tak sayang, kau tatang macam minyak yang penuh. Tapi orang yang kau sayang, kau anggap kau dah melakukan yang terbaik untuk dia. Tapi pada hakikatnya…

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friends with EX. YAY or NAY?

Well, why I have this feeling of writing about this topic is that I have seen so many rage statuses on my Facebook home timeline, people saying mean things about their so long ex’s. I mean, do they still stalk them? Or I just don’t know if they are still in touch with their ex’s.

I personally said that I blocked my ex Facebook page from seeing mine so I have nothing to be worried about. But this one girl keep typing statuses about her ex, how she hates him, how she thinks that his ex still did not pay the debts between her and him, and how show off his ex were. I was like, what the hell girl? Are you still stalking him? Or still be friends with him in the social media networks? Or are you still liking him and that’s because you are jealous of him having a great time without you? What is wrong with you?

For me, personally, do not be friends with your Ex ever again. No more friends. It has ended so meaning that it is the end of everything. No more contacting, no more messaging, no more Yahoo Messenger, no more Hotmail messenger, no more gtalk, no more instagram, no more every-single-fcuking-thing.

How about you?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yes. I LOVE this cover.

Yeah. I do have a crush on this guy. I mean, crush meaning that I am a big fan of him. Big fan not because of his looks. He is indeed, a one good looking man. But I have my own good looking man so I have nothing to worry about that. The only reason that I am madly a big fan of him is that he can sings very well! I mean, he did covers of songs and sang it more beautiful than the original singers! And he’s a man! He always do covers on girl songs and he did it very very well. :)

So enjoy this song, which is one of his covers with Tiffany Alvord. (Yes, I love YouTube stars!)

Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday I went to watch BRAVE at Paradigm Mall. Yes. New GSC has opened there few days back I guess.

I really love cartoons which is sort of has a 3D effect to it even though we did not watch it in 3D. I love Pixar. It has brought to us so many cute and colorful and also moral to their each and every stories. Up, Finding Nemo and much more. Love them all so much!

If you are a Pixar movie fan just like me, you definitely need to watch BRAVE. It has so many colors and the characters look so alive! Salute to their 3D graphic design. I know it must be one heck of a timeline for them to finish the whole movie but hell yeah it looks GREAT!

BRAVE is a story about daughter (who is a princess) and mum. Basically about mother-daughter bond. If you love your mom (I know everyone loves their mom!) and to mom if you love your little daughter (or even your big daughter), you guys should go and watch this movie like, seriously!

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