Monday, July 2, 2012


Yesterday I went to watch BRAVE at Paradigm Mall. Yes. New GSC has opened there few days back I guess.

I really love cartoons which is sort of has a 3D effect to it even though we did not watch it in 3D. I love Pixar. It has brought to us so many cute and colorful and also moral to their each and every stories. Up, Finding Nemo and much more. Love them all so much!

If you are a Pixar movie fan just like me, you definitely need to watch BRAVE. It has so many colors and the characters look so alive! Salute to their 3D graphic design. I know it must be one heck of a timeline for them to finish the whole movie but hell yeah it looks GREAT!

BRAVE is a story about daughter (who is a princess) and mum. Basically about mother-daughter bond. If you love your mom (I know everyone loves their mom!) and to mom if you love your little daughter (or even your big daughter), you guys should go and watch this movie like, seriously!

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