Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friends with EX. YAY or NAY?

Well, why I have this feeling of writing about this topic is that I have seen so many rage statuses on my Facebook home timeline, people saying mean things about their so long ex’s. I mean, do they still stalk them? Or I just don’t know if they are still in touch with their ex’s.

I personally said that I blocked my ex Facebook page from seeing mine so I have nothing to be worried about. But this one girl keep typing statuses about her ex, how she hates him, how she thinks that his ex still did not pay the debts between her and him, and how show off his ex were. I was like, what the hell girl? Are you still stalking him? Or still be friends with him in the social media networks? Or are you still liking him and that’s because you are jealous of him having a great time without you? What is wrong with you?

For me, personally, do not be friends with your Ex ever again. No more friends. It has ended so meaning that it is the end of everything. No more contacting, no more messaging, no more Yahoo Messenger, no more Hotmail messenger, no more gtalk, no more instagram, no more every-single-fcuking-thing.

How about you?

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