Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August baybeh!

Hello August! Wow, it’s been 8 months since the new year’s eve this year. Happened so damn fast! Dah nak raya dah pun in 3 weeks time! Can’t believe how fast time goes and flies. And this year, so many people that I know is now either pregnant or already have a baby.

I still can freshly remember what I did on last year’s august month. I am actually looking for a bakery who can do a Plant VS Zombies cake for Irfan’s birthday cake, which his birthday is actually in November, 3 months away. HAHA. I have been planning, contacting and sketching the cake silently without his knowing. :)

I am a girl. That is what I do. Secretly planning a small party for my love ones. Surprise them with things that they want because I know people love surprises rather than just normal thing.

What are you going to do in August?


  1. Where to get ya VS Sprays:}
    ( Just found out bout her yesterday) I bought 4 bottles from her..She was selling at RM 48 then. US dollar has gone up but and it takes a while for ya goodies to come for she gets them from US.So price is about RM 55-60,but RM 60 is max..if it goes beyondo,damn it's Xpensive

  2. Really? Thank you so much!! hehe..will take a look in her blog. :)


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