Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BOTD–Makeupgeek Eyeshadow

Hello you makeupgeeks! hehe. That’s Marlena’s line and yes, I kind of like her saying like that. Well, some people do not like the GEEK word but hell yeah who cares. :)

Well, I first know about Makeupeek while I was browsing through makeup gurus inside YouTube. My first makeup guru was Michelle Phan and I have no idea that she’s actually a very famous makeup guru in YouTube world. Secondly I found out about StyleSuzi and then it grows from there. So one of my favorite makeup guru in YouTube is Marlena or makeupgeek.

I watched her videos, she always did this bright colors eye makeups and some of them was actually quite pretty! And then I found our about her makeupgeek store online. At first, earlier this year, I only bought her brushes because it was kind of cheap compared to MAC and Sigma and others. I did a review on that in my blog. If you want to read about my previous entry on Makeupgeek, you can click here.

So this time, I bought her eyeshadows after seeing so many reviews and raves. I did found her makeup lines quite interesting. Her eyeshadows basically is very pigmented! And they said that it can be compared to MAC eyeshadows. I seriously can’t afford MAC eyeshadow at the first place, be it in pan forms or compacts. It is seriously expensive. But Makeupgeek’s eyeshadow is perfectly cheap for me, only $5.99 per refill / pan eyeshadow and $7.99 for compact ones. I only purchased the refill pack as it is cheap and easy to store and it shipped at the cost of $4.99, the cheapest ones!

So, I want to stop telling stories and let the pictures do the talking now.


* Moondust / Corrupt on my eyelids *


* Corrupt *


* Moondust *


* Unicorn *



  1. yup..beli online kat



  2. Hi u beli online berapa lama u tunggu untuk barang sampai? I pun terfikir nak beli juga


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