Thursday, August 9, 2012

My birthday celebration!

Hello all! As some of you might know, I just recently turned 26 years old! haha. Yeah. I am old. sigh. I feel old! 26 years of life? Seriously? I feel like I am now 30 years old old. HEHE. Well, it’s okay, age is just a number to let us know that we are becoming more mature each and every year. :) Nothing more than that. ;)

Well, my birthday falls on last Monday. Which was the 6th of August. I had my first surprise birthday song singing to me and I do not know how to react. Yes. It was my first. haha. Only when I was 26 years old, I got the surprise birthday singing song. Then, since it is still a fasting month, so the cupcakes that Irfan bought for me, was being split into several containers and divided into each containers. :)

Then, after work, we got our self to The Curve, wandering around while waiting for berbuka (iftar) at Marche. It was a simple but yet nice birthday for me. I just want something simple. Not way too extravaganza or big party. Just some simple laid back celebration was just nice.

So I would like to thank Irfan for doing everything to make me happy on that day. :)




  1. i saw u last saturday dekat e@curve..we'r juz standg side by side while watching budak2 menari kat pentas..neway!!hepi besday anfaal

  2. Ye ke? Aduh..kenapa tak tegur? hehe :)

    Thanks my dear!


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