Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BOTD–Sleek UK V1 Matte Bright shadow


I purchased this eye shadow on 12th September, they shipped the eye shadow on the 14th and I got mine one week later. :) The reason I purchased this type of shadow is because, I really wanted to try matte eye shadow now. I have loads of metallic/silk eye shadow so now matte time! The colors were bright but not that pigmented. You still need shadow primer in order to apply this eye shadow on your lid.

Sleek has 2 types of matte shadow. V1 and V2. The one that I am having now is V1. V2 is more on a neutral brownish type of color. Sadly, V2 is currently sold out. :(

One shadow costs $9.90 not including shipping. Shipping costs me about $2.95.

Visit for more details and makeup!

Happy shopping!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

BOTD–Lashbar Brushes

Yay! Finally my camera is with me and I am so happy! hehe. Well, last Saturday, I went to Sunway Pyramid with Irfan. And while I was there, I remembered that one of the YouTube beauty guru that I have subscribed to, which is Kak Nurul Farah, she did mentioned about a shop that sells cheap brushes.

I think I have got the right shop as kak Nurul kind of forget about the shop name so me and Irfan just wandering around the Asian Avenue just to find the shop. :) The shops’ name is Lashbar.

Upon entering the shop, I can see many brushes and also fake lashes there. But I am more interested on the brushes. There was this one brush which I have no idea what it is for. I seriously wanted to buy that brush but I guess, what is the point buying when I have no idea how to use it, right? haha. So, I got myself a small smudge brush (or it can be a lip brush too!) and also a fluffy blending brush!

The brushes are cheap and has got quality. Although some of the handles are quite heavy, in a sense that I have used some of the lightest brushes but still the quality of the brush itself is great!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

A little reunion.

Last Saturday I went to a wedding of my 3rd cousin and a school friend of mine. Never that I knew that later on, I will be meeting with some bunch of my good school friends that I have been missing the most! Let the pictures do the talking and I will describe a little bit about that friend on the description below each pictures. :)




* Diyana Rosedi or Donat. She’s my best friend / twin since kindergarten! YES! And we reunited again at this wedding. I never knew that I could meet her again in person. We used to be so craycray together!! *


* Zita or Zia, the one that I hugged! She’s my classmate/friend/best friend! We had great time together in class and believe it or not she used to be the commander of the green house marching team! haha. And yes, she’s a very creative and artsy girl! *






Monday, September 10, 2012


I have this weird feeling about massages and all that. My friend, Izzati recommends me to go to a massage at One Utama, the place where she’d been. I visited that massage once and look at the prices. It was expensive. I mean, not just that place, every massage place are expensive.

But then one day, Irfan asked me to go for a massage, and I said yes. At first I have no idea what the hell would I need a massage. I have no body ache, I have no tantrum stress. It is just that, I think massage is a waste of a lot of money. Well, one day I went to Paradigm Mall (my fave mall as for now!) and they have this pamphlet of Thai Odyssey Massage (which is frankly quite famous at One Utama), saw the prices and I thought I will only be taking the half body massage because it was cheap. RM48 (or RM45, can’t remember) but then the sales person said that if I want it to be a relaxing type of massage, I should take the Aromatherapy Massage. So then I agree to take the Aromatherapy massage for 1 hour. I know this must be hell expensive and it was. It was RM109 if I am not mistaken. So, I have to then choose the aromatherapy oil. They have like around, 4-6 oils so I have to choose one. I can’t remember which one I choose but it just smells great!

Well, at first I am loving the ambiance of it. The lighting, the smell, the music. I mean, yes, they make it that way in order for us to feel relax and sleepy. LOL. Well, I love the fact that, the massage is not that hurt. I did feel pain a little bit when she massaged my back but after a while doing it, it was okay.

The effect comes the day after the massage took place. It was ache as hell, my whole body. But, I think it’s a great experience. I will surely going to do it again. Anyone wants join me? :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

BOTD–Makeupgeek eyeshadow Part II

Yes! I bought another batch of makeupgeek’s eyeshadow! Let the pictures to the talking! :)


* Duchess *


* Unexpected *


* Mango Tango *


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

BOTD–Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick

Hello girls and guys! :) Today is just another Monday blues for you guys is it? Well, not so much for me. I am now trying to embrace my Monday by buying new small things on Sunday. HAHA. Just some psychology thing that I did to my brain. :p

So, yesterday I bought myself a lipstick. A lipstick color that I have been looking for so long! It was this coral color, and I do not want to purchase any expensive brands as I have loads of lipstick already. I need another rack to just store my lipstick now. Haha. I used to hate wearing lipstick. But not anymore. :)

I saw this lipstick at Watsons but any drugstores sells it if they have Maybelline counter. I think this costs me about RM23++ I just can’t remember. I love the color but the only thing that I hate is that the lipstick does not stay long enough. It is not a matte finish lipstick as it was more onto the moisturize type of lipstick. The feeling once you glide it on your lips were okay. It is easy to apply, but it is very easy to fade away after eating and drinking. :)


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