Monday, September 24, 2012

A little reunion.

Last Saturday I went to a wedding of my 3rd cousin and a school friend of mine. Never that I knew that later on, I will be meeting with some bunch of my good school friends that I have been missing the most! Let the pictures do the talking and I will describe a little bit about that friend on the description below each pictures. :)




* Diyana Rosedi or Donat. She’s my best friend / twin since kindergarten! YES! And we reunited again at this wedding. I never knew that I could meet her again in person. We used to be so craycray together!! *


* Zita or Zia, the one that I hugged! She’s my classmate/friend/best friend! We had great time together in class and believe it or not she used to be the commander of the green house marching team! haha. And yes, she’s a very creative and artsy girl! *






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