Wednesday, September 26, 2012

BOTD–Sleek UK V1 Matte Bright shadow


I purchased this eye shadow on 12th September, they shipped the eye shadow on the 14th and I got mine one week later. :) The reason I purchased this type of shadow is because, I really wanted to try matte eye shadow now. I have loads of metallic/silk eye shadow so now matte time! The colors were bright but not that pigmented. You still need shadow primer in order to apply this eye shadow on your lid.

Sleek has 2 types of matte shadow. V1 and V2. The one that I am having now is V1. V2 is more on a neutral brownish type of color. Sadly, V2 is currently sold out. :(

One shadow costs $9.90 not including shipping. Shipping costs me about $2.95.

Visit for more details and makeup!

Happy shopping!


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