Monday, September 10, 2012


I have this weird feeling about massages and all that. My friend, Izzati recommends me to go to a massage at One Utama, the place where she’d been. I visited that massage once and look at the prices. It was expensive. I mean, not just that place, every massage place are expensive.

But then one day, Irfan asked me to go for a massage, and I said yes. At first I have no idea what the hell would I need a massage. I have no body ache, I have no tantrum stress. It is just that, I think massage is a waste of a lot of money. Well, one day I went to Paradigm Mall (my fave mall as for now!) and they have this pamphlet of Thai Odyssey Massage (which is frankly quite famous at One Utama), saw the prices and I thought I will only be taking the half body massage because it was cheap. RM48 (or RM45, can’t remember) but then the sales person said that if I want it to be a relaxing type of massage, I should take the Aromatherapy Massage. So then I agree to take the Aromatherapy massage for 1 hour. I know this must be hell expensive and it was. It was RM109 if I am not mistaken. So, I have to then choose the aromatherapy oil. They have like around, 4-6 oils so I have to choose one. I can’t remember which one I choose but it just smells great!

Well, at first I am loving the ambiance of it. The lighting, the smell, the music. I mean, yes, they make it that way in order for us to feel relax and sleepy. LOL. Well, I love the fact that, the massage is not that hurt. I did feel pain a little bit when she massaged my back but after a while doing it, it was okay.

The effect comes the day after the massage took place. It was ache as hell, my whole body. But, I think it’s a great experience. I will surely going to do it again. Anyone wants join me? :)

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