Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The past.

We all have that kind of “PAST” that we will always remember no matter what. And those I would say “BAD MEMORIES” will forever sticks into our mind until we mention it back again. Am I right? Yes, we all do have those. But I found out about this quite “One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory” Why do you think they quote that? Maybe, and just maybe, if we only have good memory, it would be like lifeless. It is like, our life is not complete. It is not balanced enough.

We need bad memory just to let us know that we should avoid that. That is why, we learn from the past. So yes, the past will definitely defined as a bad past. Every moment, when we say it was in the past, our brain will start to think something bad happening, during these past time. It’s like, we have been compute to do so. Then we realize that we do have great things happening, past tense. Why we could not remember those first? Why must be the bad things first? Because good things did not give that much of an impact to our life. We get and forget. What we did not get, we will never forget. Especially those who have been hurt by someone or maybe something.

Accidents, break ups and sickness. We will never forget those because it used up way too much soul of ours. That is why, we remember those the most. But fret not, we are human being after all and like I said, we do have bad memories, laying inside our brain that we could not forget. If you always has a camera with you, take pictures of your good day. As you will never going to remember that day ever again unless, it was a bad one. ;)

Last thing from me;


Toodle & Goodnight. See you tomorrow.

Food Porn : Rojak Mamak


Image courtesy of and Michael Yip

I had this for lunch. Rojak Mamak at LRT Taman Bahagia. Biasalah, time sengkek ni lah mencari makanan murah-murah, keyang & sedap. Masa on the way nak pergi tu, hujan je from my office till Damansara Utama. But then depan sikit dah tak hujan. But just incase, we all takut nanti hujan turun tiba2, we ate inside the car je.

Rojak ni adalah yg terbaik that I have ever come across. Kuah dia sedap gila! And pekat but not too pekat. Seriously the flavour of the kuah is well blend. Tak pedas sangat, tak manis sangat, tak pekat sangat. Just nice orang kata.

They have 3 types of rojak. Rojak sotong telur (Rojak with boiled egg and squid), Rojak Telur (Rojak with egg) & Rojak biasa (Rojak without squid or egg). Every rojak lain harga. But I can only remember the sotong telur sebab itu yang I selalu makan pun which is RM4.50 per plate. So worth it. Kenyang gila! :) And Cendol dia RM1.50 per bowl. Ada jugak cendol pulut tapi tak de pulak nak try. Takut lagi mengantuk makan pulut kang. Hehe.

If you love food, try out this rojak stall. They only sell it on a lorry but ada provide seats and tables. Saturday / Sunday close.

Game : The Sims 3


I love playing The Sims. Since I knew about this game a while ago, I have been trying to play it every single day. Afraid that I might not going to do anything else, so I play this game on my iPad instead. The Sims Freeplay app. And since I reformatted my laptop, I have not reinstall my Sims 3 game anymore. But now, since I played inside my iPad like every single day, I think that I want to have the game being install back inside my laptop.

My boyfriend suggested me to purchase the original game DVD. He said that I could interact with people all around the world. I saw the downloadable original game on The Sims website, it costs me around RM110 ($34.90) per game. Not including the expansion pack, which is quite a lot! The sims supernatural, the sims pet edition, the sims diesel stuff, the sims katy perry and more!

Why do I like The Sims? Maybe because it involves big maps and my Sim could go anywhere that I ask them to go on the map. So, that’s cool! I love maps! Like seriously! haha

So, what is your favorite game so far? Bejeweled? Hehe. Do share!

Food for thought–Nutella & Wholemeal bread!


Hello all! How is your Wednesday morning treating ya? Mine was great! It’s like the usual morning where I tend to think on what to eat for breakfast today. Well, since Irfan’s grandmother cooked fried rice from home, so he brought those friend rice to the office. And that is what we have for breakfast. But then again, I have this Nutella spread on my table and I could not resist to not to eat that. What’s more healthier than eating a hazelnut chocolate spread with a wholemeal bread! :)

I got mine the Gardenia Honey Wholemeal Bread (as I thought it would have a taste like honey somewhere but it doesn’t and I am so dissapointed! :( ) and I spread the Nutella onto the bread. As simple as that. Do not need to toast the bread, just eat it like that. I don’t usually like wholemeal bread but this time with Nutella, it taste good! You should try it out too!

And yes, that spoon has been licked by me. haha :D

Vanity Trove Box–November


Hey guys! I received my November Vanity Trove box quite early this month! YAY! Usually Malaysian will get the boxes quite late, maybe during the 1st week of the next month but I am so happy that I have received this last week, just right before Aidiladha.

So let’s check it out what did I received in my November trove box!

1. Neogence Pore Extremely off-heads serum

2. Ujene Puriste Collagen

3. Vitacreame B12

4. ZA Total Hydration Amino Mineral Refreshing Gel

5. URIAGE Eau Thermal Gel Crème Fraicheur Hydration Dynamic

6. ICHIKAMI Hair Treatment, Shampoo & Conditioner

7. Adore Sanitary napkins

8. SASA discounts

My verdict for November’s month box is…7.5/10. Why so? Because many of the items are just sample sizes. It’s hard to really test out the product when there is just some sample size of it. And I am looking forward for more make up items too. It’s lacking something there. But do not worry, I still love this box no matter what. It’s something that I could actually test out and see. :)

Go to to subscribe. RM60 for Malaysian with free postage.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter / Autumn Fashion


I know I know..sebelum I berangan nak duduk kat London, I still realize that I am residing kat Malaysia ni ye. But still, nowadays Malaysia asik hujan je kan? Musim tengkujuh biasa lah. Kalau dulu, masuk bulan 11-12 je mesti dalam berita ada dengan banjir sana, bah sini.. (bah tu bahasa utara..maksud dia banjir la jugak.hehe). So, I pun nak la jugak berangan duduk oversea. ;)

So, essential even tak de snow or winter, we still need jumper/sweater. Sebabnya, kat office sejukkkk! Hehe. I pulak memang duduk direct aircond, so I really need a good cover up. Kalau tak, 10x la aku keluar masuk toilet. Hehe. I know where can I find a cheap jumper/sweater. Paling famous, Uniqlo. Tapi kan, H&M lagi banyak choice and murah lagi dari Uniqlo and Cotton On. Well, ada my friend cakap, H&M ni tak berquality sangat. 2x pakai the material koyak. But thank God for me, tak ada lagi yang koyak-moyak ni. :)

Okay, first picture. Comel kan kalau ada sweater bat-wing macam tu. Ala-ala cute Korean / Japanese gitu fesyen dia. So, kalau nak yang macam ni, kena cari blogshop lah gamaknya. Takkan ada kedai ZARA or Forever21 jual baju fesyen Korean / Japs. Second picture pulak, my fave fave sweater. Nak cari yang sedondon macam tu jugak! Tak kira! I like it sebab dia macam dress! And the next best thing is the sleeve tu panjang. One of the most look criteria for my sweater search..lengan kena panjang, sampai tutup jari-jari skali kalau boleh. Nak konon sejuk sangat sampai snow la kat Malaysia ni kan? haha Gambar ke 3..tights. Yes. Dah lama tak pakai tights. Dulu masa kecik-kecik duduk kat Newcaste Upon Tyne tu ada la pakai. Tights ni ala-ala legging jugak la kan? I have no idea perbezaan dia ape selain material dia and corak2. Well, tights ni more to stockings lah macam tu. So, I found out H&M ada jual tights jugak! Macam-macam color lagi! So, I’ll be sure to get my hands on those tights soon! Nak pakai macam gambar kat atas tu. Dengan dress lah most probably. ;)

So, that is all about my winter / autumn fashion. Yang essential, sweaters. Sebab sejuk kan. Even now I am wearing my sweaters! Tak caya tengok gambar bawah ni..


BOTD–NYX Matte Lip Cream


It’s not a lipstick nor is it gloss. It’s like nothing you’ve experienced before. It’s lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte.

That is what it says on the packaging. And I am as usual as a girl, attracted to those wordings. Haha. Well, This is a matte lip cream / lipstick from NYX. A new brand recently join into Sephora Malaysia. This lip cream costs me RM26 if I am not mistaken. I am so keen to try out NYX lipgloss though. Maybe some other time.

Well, this lip cream does what it says. Once applied, it feels silky smooth (not something like in a movie Zohan) and I love the smell of this thing! Smells like caramel candy! So sweet! But it taste so not like caramel candy. Haha. It does not last long and I feel like the lip cream dissolves onto my lip skin. :P Well, maybe I bought this nude color to begin with. I should have bought something bright like red or pink instead. :)

New blog template!

Yay! I just readjust my blog template. And made a new banner for this blog. It has been years since I used my black background blog. So I guess, this time lets make it white and simple.

And I did it! And I love it too! But still, if you have any comments what-so-ever about this blog, whether the font is too small or the color scheme in not that okay for your eyes (It seems okay for mine tho but it’s not only me who will be reading this blog anyway) just let me know on the comment section down below! :)

Feel free to browse. I’ll be updating my blog daily. And I’ll be doing a poll soon. On what you want to read more on my blog. :)

Stay tune love.




Hello there,

Just Tuesday ey? So long for Friday? Well, why do you want to have Friday that fast. enjoy every single day like it’s the best day of your life. Treat every day as a new day. A new day to learn something new, a new day to do something fresh, something that you have not yet did before. Let it be fresh. Let it be the best day of your life.

There is nothing wrong on being happy. Be happy is essential. If you want to be happy, you’d be happy. It is as simple as that. But yeah, mouth talks, heart feels. So, feeling is much much more greater than talking.

I miss going to the theater this year. I will so going to next month. Can’t wait for the Tun Siti Hasmah theater. Love theater so much! The ticket could be expensive but it feels great to just watch them live.

Have a little karma quote from the internet ;


Monday, October 29, 2012

Nuffnang X !

Okayyyyy.. Finally after a few hours of learning and reading what is this Nuffnang X, I feel like I would want to subscribe for one too! Haha. since ada nuffnang account a loooong time ago, rasanya boleh je lah kot nak buat Nuffnang X pulak. I think it’s a like a place where all bloggers reunited. Macam Fesbook untuk bloggers sekalian alam kat dunia ni lah.

I got to know this Nuffnang X pun from Hanis Zalikha’s blog sebab saya nak comment kat one of her entries tu. And I have no idea why her commenting section tu lain. Ghupanya tengok-tengok dia pakai Nuffnang X punya conversation box. Ai pun nak jugak lah macam tu walaupun blog I mana ada orang nak comment pun. Hehe. Well, buat untuk saja-saja je. ;)

So mula lah dah buat and vertify blog (this is one important part, kot kot blog kita ada pulak orang lain vertifykan, naya hidup.tsk) and tampal coding kat sana sini baru lah dapat nak tahu ape itu Nuffnang X.

Oh ye, siap download apps dalam iPhone lagi nyah! haha. :p

Follow my nuffnang x account and blog here : ANFAALRIDHUAN

Monday. moanday?

Kenapa orang tak suka hari Isnin? And ramai orang suka hari Jumaat. Sepatutnya aku rasa orang kena suka hari Isnin, sebab Isnin lead to Friday and Friday are the one yang bawak kita ke hari Isnin balik. Friday la jahat. hehe. :P

Well, I know people do not fancy Monday sebab dah 2 hari cuti, tiba-tiba kena kerja. Memang lah lemau satu badan tak kira dunia dah. Tapi for me, I susah nak dapat Monday blues sangat. I have no idea why tho. Maybe hari-hari aku blues kot. haha.

Just think of Monday is a good day. That leads to Friday (the day that we all apparently love. :) )


If korang still blues jugak, apa kate pegi makan McDonalds? Now ada McFloat kalau beli Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe! Yummeh!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

BOTD - Bamboo patch

Yes. As you can see through all the pictures that i posted up there.. I used this The Essence of the Nature last night. I received this patch inside my October Vanity Trove and last night i ought to try it out. :)
My first feet patch like this was the one from Daiso. I bought the patch for just RM5 and have no idea what is it for. Haha. Well, it says that it could drained some of the toxic inside your body onto this patch. I have no idea. LOL.
Well, back to the patch that i wore last night, it says that this patch could help me to sleep better (without the patch, i still sleep better. Haha) and also it says to improve my blood circulation.
I still do not know what is the green oily thing that sticks onto the patch when i tear it of my feet. Hehe. Perhaps the toxic? :)
So, have you guys tried out patches like this? What is your opinion about it? :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

FUN bracelet & hair clips from NANA MAHAZAN



Hello all! Today I would love to talk about some accessories. I love bracelet and hair clips. usually more on bracelet. I ordered some from StyleSuzi and the latest ones are from kak Nana Mahazan. Eh, macam pernah dengar nama tu.Artis kan?  Ye, kak Nana from Nana ker from AF1 (Akademi Fantasia 1).

She has been selling her handmade stuffs on her instagram @nanamahazan since two months ago if I am not mistaken. And I have been eyeing on her bracelet for quite sometime.

She named her sutffs FUN which stands for Funky Unique and Nice. You can follow her on instagram. She is a very very very nice person and she will read all of your comments, for sure! No worries. :)

P/S : Bracelet pricing starts around RM38-45 if I am not mistaken. Depending on your choices of design and stones. Hair pins starts from RM20. ;)



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I am trying

I am trying to be the best among the best. Yeah. It is hard to compete with people who are much more stronger than you. Or you might not be given the right chance to improve yourself. But I am still trying to be better. I am better at doing certain things now. And yes, I think I can stand myself. I know my limitations.

Well, some people said that trying is not enough. Then what is enough? Trying HARD? Well, for me just keep on trying that is trying hard. So, there is no such thing as try harder.

So yeah, I am trying to be a better human being. That’s all. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Collagen Dust

Okay, lepas tengok Hanis Zalikha mempromote the Toujours Skin Collagen Dust kat blog, intsagram and perhaps twitter dia, I ought myself to ask her more about this product through FB. Then, I saw her instagram picture saying that if we all want to know more about this Toujours Skin Collagen dust product, should email to her right away and she’ll reply them :) So, I did.

I actually have no idea if I do need collagen or if it’s really really working for me. I’m afraid that it’ll be just another money wasting  for me. Maybe I’ll be trying one of those soon kot. Sebab tengok kulit Hanis and mak dia tu cantik sangat pulak. So, rasa jugak nak macam tu kan. Hehe.

If you want to know more about this Collagen Dust, ku akan bubuh link blog Hanis and korang boleh baca. Tak payah nak type 2,3 kali benda sama. ;)

P/S : since ramai pulak yang view my collagen dust entry ni, I think I nak edit sikit entry ni nak cerita pasal collagen dust tu. Kebaikannya la orang kata.

1. Untuk kulit cantik berseri seri!

2. Untuk kesihatan kuku. Kuku yang kuat!

3. Hilangkan garis kedut kedut kat tepi mata tu..

4. Mengurangkan sakit sendi

Personally, I have not yet tried this collagen sebab duit tak berapa nak memberangsangkan lagi. Maybe akan beli dalam masa terdekat ni lah. Tunggu semua benda settle down. If you guys wanna know, I will post out a BOTD entry right after I beli and will do a post mortem blog kononnya untuk kesan-kesan / efek collagen dust ni. Amacam? ;)

Happy reading!


So it is Sunday. usually, when I am not going out on Sunday, it’ll be in front of my laptop all day long. From start till finish. Plus, it is raining outside and I have done my routine just now by having a slight sleep or I should call it a nap. So, yes. I am now awake and I have nothing to do. I am kinda bored. haha. Oh ya, I watched Friends season 7 just now before I dozed. :)

Well, that’s practically my routine every Saturday / Sunday routine. ;)


I have a very loooong face indeed

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pink day






Pink Top from H&M

Face :

Sephora Matifying Compact Powder Foundation

Coastal Scents 28 Blusher Palette

Eyes :

Makeupgeek Latte Eyeshadow

Lancome Hypnose Mascara in Black

MAC Powerpoint Eyeliner in Engraved

Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

Lips :

NYX Lip Cream in Stockholm

Thank you DiGi!

Yesterday I called DiGi customer service. Because I am so not happy to pay my iPhone DiGi bill quite high. Yes. Imma demanding person. I hate paying for things that I did not use frequently enough to pay for that much of amount. So, I need to have my previous payment back. You guys must be wondering what the heck that I am talking about?

Well, last 2 years, I bought an iPhone 4 from DiGi and I signed up with a 2 years contract with them. So, for first subscription, I choosed iDigi 88 for my iPhone plan. Then, I choose auto-billing so they deduct RM5 from my billing and they give some other discounts as well which I am not aware / remember what but the discount is up to RM20. So from RM88, I only pay RM55 (with auto-billing, of course). And why I choose DiGi? Because they were the only time that has an iPhone 4 stocks left and they offered the best internet packaging ever. Unlimited! Even though it says there 1GB of internet but they won’t charge you if you use more than that. They’ll only slow it down. Still okay for me as I still can use my internet even it if’s out of limits. :)


So, since 2 years back, I have been paying RM55 and my contract ended like, last month. So, now I have to pay RM88 back which is quite expensive (Although I pay by using my credit card, it is still expensive!) and like I said, I called their customer service to ask if I can actually get the chance to extend my contract so that I could get RM55 to pay back. Then, the customer service man asked me did any DiGi people called me before this to ask me about this? And I said “No” as yes, no one called me regarding about this special treatment for DiGi loyal customer I should say. He told me and he’ll open up a report and will ask someone to call me for this changes.

So, yesterday evening some DiGi people called me. At first I thought it was some random call as the number is actually a handphone number. It was 016-2991151. So Irfan told me to just pick it up. So I picked it up. And it is true, that DiGi people. :) I was happy that they said they could actually continue my contract for another year. I have no worry about contract as I am a very very loyal person. HAHA. So, I asked him a question.

“What if iPhone 5 is out and I would like to still use my DiGi contract with my so called iPhone 5?”

He replied;

“Yes. You still can continue with your contract. No charges needed. No penalty what so ever will be given to you. As long as you did not downgrade or change your iDigi plans. The iPhone 5 contract will overwrite your current contract. So no worries about that”


So, Thank You DiGi for making my day brighter!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Urbanscapes 2012

Hey all. Do you realize that Urbanscapes is actually next month? Well, I have not yet purchase the tickets yet. And now all the cheapo tickets are sold out. Only left RM87 of one day Saturday pass and as for weekend pass left still for Pre-sale and Regular sale.

What do you guys think? Should you go to Urbanscape this year? Imma afraid that the day will rain like last year. As they are doing at the same place as last year, Padang Astaka PJ. I do not really like the venue. It’s hard to find parking over there. Sigh. So now I am reluctant, whether to buy the ticket or just not going to buy it.

A ticket of RM87 for a day for a person is quite expensive for me. I guess it is because they have to pay the performances. Yuna will be performing on Saturday. T_T

Visit : for more details of the vendor, performances and more.


BOTD–Style Suzi Handmade Bracelet



How to order ? :

Yes! This is my first purchase from her! And the bracelet is very soft and fit my wrist indeed. I did not give any wrist measurement to her at all. :)



Finally, NYX is here in Sephora. Well, I just hope that the price range is affordable as NYX is like a drugstore brand for the people in USA. Yes, I know the shipping costs and stuff but still please make it affordable.

I really wanted to try NYX lipglosses for quite some time as I heard it was the best gloss ever for lips. So, now it’s here. I hope the price is okay too. Will do check it out at Sephora and will let you guys know! :)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


If you are following me on Twitter, you’d know that I am currently in the state of not buying anything that I don’t need stage. So this month, I am trying to cut down all my makeup expenses, handbag (I failed this one, but it’s been a long time since I purchase a really expensive with brand handbags), and clothing. If you follow me on Instagram, yes you can see that I did post out the H&M haul picture. Yes, I did failed to not to buy clothes. But some of them were not from my pocket money. Hehe. :p

So, yes. People must be wondering how the heck did I do these saving? Well, basically simple. I just set my mind up. If you know me VERY WELL you’ll know that I am a really big spender when it comes to makeup. Yes. I love buying makeup items. So, I am restricted myself not to visit SEPHORA or drugstores for this month. Or maybe for the next two months as well (If I am capable to do so.hehe) I am now feeling GREAT! Well, not that great. It is a little bit tense. But knowing that I still have money in my bank and it’s 17th of October now is Priceless! haha. Before this, the past months, when 15-17th date of the month came, I have like 50% less of what I have today. So, that’s great.

Well, it’s hard to save when you have commitments to do. I mean, I am not yet married but still I have to pay for bill, PTPTN, credit cards. So yeah, commitments. I do not yet own a car or a house for now. It could make it worst I tell ya. With the salary that I am receiving now, I don’t think I could handle a car or a house now. :(

Well, that’s my style this month. What about you?

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey guys and gals. Today I think I would like to talk about music. Yes. The very universal thing in the world beside food I guess. Well, what is your favorite kind of music? As for mine, I would say I listen to every kind of music. Just listen, yes, I can do that. But when it comes to music that I love, that’ll be something that I can actually benefited from the music it self.

Music is like a friend of mine. When I feel sad, or lonely or even happy, music is one of the thing that I find first and foremost. I used to listen to gothic emo and celtics and all. But now, I broaden my music files a bit. I listen to most RnB’s and pop and hit music. I also love evergreen music too!

Some of the music that I love is inside my blog here. I posted it out under the tag YouTube :) My favorite music varies from one time to another. But the most evergreen music that I love is Warmness of the Soul by Avenged Sevenfold.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BOTD–Lancome Hypnose Mascara


My favorite mascara! I actually have this mascara for a year now. It was actually inside the Lancome box given by my boyfriend’s mother. Yes. A birthday present one year back! I found out about this mascara recently when I was cleaning my drawer. It was still in the box!

This product will so be in my October favorite! I love that it is SUPER BLACK! and how it curls my lashes effortlessly. Hehe. I have no idea if it’s a waterproof mascara or what not. But I still love it! It does not make my lashes to be spidery looking at all.

Friday, October 5, 2012


Harini memang malang. semua benda tak menjadi. menyampah dan sakit hati. bosan.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

BOTD–Morilins Organic Facial Theraphy Mask


Hey all! I am actually trying out my first mask from Vanity Trove! Yes! This is actually the first mask that I would want to try out from all the masks given by Vanity Trove. :) I have no personal idea why though. :)

I received this Morilins Brightening + Tighting for all skin type mask inside my August Trove. Yes, quite some time ago. I have been keeping the masks for so long, so tonight, I decided to try one. :) Personally, I think this mask is small. VERY SMALL! The eye hole is small, the nose hole is also small. Way to small for my face. Second of all, the mask smells like…herbs. Yes. Herbs! It was organic so maybe it is because of that. :p

It is a facial therapy mask (which I have no idea what it meant) and it has Giga White & Corn Flower in it (no idea either! :P ) Well, it says to be a natural mointurizer and protection as the material of the mask is Phyto-Collegen.


Well, we will be seeing the results soon! :)

P/S : I have tried the mask, and personally, the day after I put on the mask, I have breakouts. :( I do not know if it is really from the mask. I cannot judge the mask that fast. So I think I will try more on this mask soon. Will need to go to SASA and get me some. So that I could give more thorough review on this one.

Subscribe to Vanity Trove at


It is now October!

I just tak percaya that it is October now! Time flies so damn fast! Like seriously FAST! Sampai I have forgotten what I actually did last Monday. HAHA. Well, am I getting old? Isk. I do not want to say I am getting old. Maybe I am busy enough to remember things like that anymore.

So, what’s up with your life? I just found out that mine is super awesome! Well, hopefully it’ll be ‘awesomer’ as life goes on. <3 Well, love is growing I should say. I am trying to go less shopping month this month. I hope so I could do it. It is easier as I thought it’ll be! Well, all you have to do it deny deny and deny. Ask yourself whether you really need it or you just want it for the sake of wanting it. I am also saving up for the Japanese class that I really want to enroll since January. HAHA. Well, hopefully by the end of this year, I could actually learn Japanese. Like seriously learning it. I LOVE their language and intonations.

Well, how is your life? :)

BOTD–Pupa Milano Lipstick


This lipstick I received from my September Vanity Trove. I have not yet reveled what I have inside my September VT but I will do a short haul video about it some time soon.

I wear this lipstick this morning. Just because I want to try it for the first time ever. I have heard about PUPA brand before while I was watching some haul videos in YouTube but I have no idea if it is a drugstore brand or high end brand. Even in Malaysia, I have no idea where to get it.

The feeling once applying this lipstick onto my lips are well..hmm..okay I guess. I mean, the texture is moisturized well and I love the fact that it glides smoothly on my lips. I top it off with my Soap&Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss to make it look fuller and shinier. This is not a matte lipstick but it does not have any glitter particles inside it either. The lipstick does not dries up my lip skin either.

I got in the sade 401 – Red Passion.



I have these samples from my July Vanity Trove and I never used them before up until today. :) Well, it is actually because I have so many good things inside my July VT I could not just test everything on one go. ;)

Today, I decided to test all three samples from SAMPAR. I absolutely L.O.V.E all three of them but the most, I LOVE Poreless Magic Peel and Glamour Shot. Both works just like a makeup primer.

I personally love Poreless Magic Peel.It was quite creamy at first but once you applied it onto your face, it feels smooth and so-primer like texture. Same goes to the Glamour Shot. And it acts as a primer too I guess.

For Glamour Shot, if you are planning to apply powder foundation, you need to apply Glamour Shot before you put on your powder foundation and if you are planning to apply liquid foundation, you need to apply Glamour Shot after you put on your foundation.

I have no idea where you can get these in Malaysia but you can visit their e-store :)

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