Thursday, October 4, 2012

BOTD–Morilins Organic Facial Theraphy Mask


Hey all! I am actually trying out my first mask from Vanity Trove! Yes! This is actually the first mask that I would want to try out from all the masks given by Vanity Trove. :) I have no personal idea why though. :)

I received this Morilins Brightening + Tighting for all skin type mask inside my August Trove. Yes, quite some time ago. I have been keeping the masks for so long, so tonight, I decided to try one. :) Personally, I think this mask is small. VERY SMALL! The eye hole is small, the nose hole is also small. Way to small for my face. Second of all, the mask smells like…herbs. Yes. Herbs! It was organic so maybe it is because of that. :p

It is a facial therapy mask (which I have no idea what it meant) and it has Giga White & Corn Flower in it (no idea either! :P ) Well, it says to be a natural mointurizer and protection as the material of the mask is Phyto-Collegen.


Well, we will be seeing the results soon! :)

P/S : I have tried the mask, and personally, the day after I put on the mask, I have breakouts. :( I do not know if it is really from the mask. I cannot judge the mask that fast. So I think I will try more on this mask soon. Will need to go to SASA and get me some. So that I could give more thorough review on this one.

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  1. Me mum actually recycles the facemask,She puts it in the fridge.".Aiya why waste,can use one more time" LOL aunty

  2. haha..really aa? for me i wear the mask until it dries out. haha. so i think i cannot recycle the mask anymore.. :(

    But this Morilins mask gives me breakouts. :( i dislike it..


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