Thursday, October 4, 2012

BOTD–Pupa Milano Lipstick


This lipstick I received from my September Vanity Trove. I have not yet reveled what I have inside my September VT but I will do a short haul video about it some time soon.

I wear this lipstick this morning. Just because I want to try it for the first time ever. I have heard about PUPA brand before while I was watching some haul videos in YouTube but I have no idea if it is a drugstore brand or high end brand. Even in Malaysia, I have no idea where to get it.

The feeling once applying this lipstick onto my lips are well..hmm..okay I guess. I mean, the texture is moisturized well and I love the fact that it glides smoothly on my lips. I top it off with my Soap&Glory Mother Pucker Lip Gloss to make it look fuller and shinier. This is not a matte lipstick but it does not have any glitter particles inside it either. The lipstick does not dries up my lip skin either.

I got in the sade 401 – Red Passion.


  1. Me thinks you can get Pupa from Sasa. It's Italian.

  2. Really? Well i have not yet check SASA near me. :) I dislike going into SASA. their sales assistant always watching and follow every single step that i take. haha

  3. Hahaha...what 2 do me dear,it comes out from their pockets if anything goes missing..That's not so bad,I dont like it especially when you step into those Haute Couture boutique and they give u the look from head 2 toe " Haiya,this person kenot afford,why come in"..Hump..Aku Nak Sepak Nie

  4. hahaha..yeah! but i don't want to steal..go get cctv la. :P well, some SASA it was okay..but the one that i hate the most is the one near my house mall. :D

    the Haute Couture boutique..i hate that stare too. haha..sepak sekali baru tahu!


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