Thursday, October 4, 2012



I have these samples from my July Vanity Trove and I never used them before up until today. :) Well, it is actually because I have so many good things inside my July VT I could not just test everything on one go. ;)

Today, I decided to test all three samples from SAMPAR. I absolutely L.O.V.E all three of them but the most, I LOVE Poreless Magic Peel and Glamour Shot. Both works just like a makeup primer.

I personally love Poreless Magic Peel.It was quite creamy at first but once you applied it onto your face, it feels smooth and so-primer like texture. Same goes to the Glamour Shot. And it acts as a primer too I guess.

For Glamour Shot, if you are planning to apply powder foundation, you need to apply Glamour Shot before you put on your powder foundation and if you are planning to apply liquid foundation, you need to apply Glamour Shot after you put on your foundation.

I have no idea where you can get these in Malaysia but you can visit their e-store :)

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