Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Food for thought–Nutella & Wholemeal bread!


Hello all! How is your Wednesday morning treating ya? Mine was great! It’s like the usual morning where I tend to think on what to eat for breakfast today. Well, since Irfan’s grandmother cooked fried rice from home, so he brought those friend rice to the office. And that is what we have for breakfast. But then again, I have this Nutella spread on my table and I could not resist to not to eat that. What’s more healthier than eating a hazelnut chocolate spread with a wholemeal bread! :)

I got mine the Gardenia Honey Wholemeal Bread (as I thought it would have a taste like honey somewhere but it doesn’t and I am so dissapointed! :( ) and I spread the Nutella onto the bread. As simple as that. Do not need to toast the bread, just eat it like that. I don’t usually like wholemeal bread but this time with Nutella, it taste good! You should try it out too!

And yes, that spoon has been licked by me. haha :D

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