Thursday, October 25, 2012

FUN bracelet & hair clips from NANA MAHAZAN



Hello all! Today I would love to talk about some accessories. I love bracelet and hair clips. usually more on bracelet. I ordered some from StyleSuzi and the latest ones are from kak Nana Mahazan. Eh, macam pernah dengar nama tu.Artis kan?  Ye, kak Nana from Nana ker from AF1 (Akademi Fantasia 1).

She has been selling her handmade stuffs on her instagram @nanamahazan since two months ago if I am not mistaken. And I have been eyeing on her bracelet for quite sometime.

She named her sutffs FUN which stands for Funky Unique and Nice. You can follow her on instagram. She is a very very very nice person and she will read all of your comments, for sure! No worries. :)

P/S : Bracelet pricing starts around RM38-45 if I am not mistaken. Depending on your choices of design and stones. Hair pins starts from RM20. ;)




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