Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Game : The Sims 3


I love playing The Sims. Since I knew about this game a while ago, I have been trying to play it every single day. Afraid that I might not going to do anything else, so I play this game on my iPad instead. The Sims Freeplay app. And since I reformatted my laptop, I have not reinstall my Sims 3 game anymore. But now, since I played inside my iPad like every single day, I think that I want to have the game being install back inside my laptop.

My boyfriend suggested me to purchase the original game DVD. He said that I could interact with people all around the world. I saw the downloadable original game on The Sims website, it costs me around RM110 ($34.90) per game. Not including the expansion pack, which is quite a lot! The sims supernatural, the sims pet edition, the sims diesel stuff, the sims katy perry and more!

Why do I like The Sims? Maybe because it involves big maps and my Sim could go anywhere that I ask them to go on the map. So, that’s cool! I love maps! Like seriously! haha

So, what is your favorite game so far? Bejeweled? Hehe. Do share!

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