Thursday, October 4, 2012

It is now October!

I just tak percaya that it is October now! Time flies so damn fast! Like seriously FAST! Sampai I have forgotten what I actually did last Monday. HAHA. Well, am I getting old? Isk. I do not want to say I am getting old. Maybe I am busy enough to remember things like that anymore.

So, what’s up with your life? I just found out that mine is super awesome! Well, hopefully it’ll be ‘awesomer’ as life goes on. <3 Well, love is growing I should say. I am trying to go less shopping month this month. I hope so I could do it. It is easier as I thought it’ll be! Well, all you have to do it deny deny and deny. Ask yourself whether you really need it or you just want it for the sake of wanting it. I am also saving up for the Japanese class that I really want to enroll since January. HAHA. Well, hopefully by the end of this year, I could actually learn Japanese. Like seriously learning it. I LOVE their language and intonations.

Well, how is your life? :)

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