Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo of the month–September



  1. Love the bracelet GF..Oh yes gotta quest 2 ask ya..I'm abit daft in the head when it comes to beauty products..What's the best eye primer,something good yet decent in price..thanks:}

  2. Hey there GF! eye primer can be quite expensive here where i live. if you could get your hands on ELF products, that one is a great and cheapo eye primer that i have ever used before. But since i could not get ELF products here and i just need to buy them online, which can be quite expensive the shipping altogether, i just stick to Two Faced eye primer.

    That two faced primer costs me about MYR60! Expensivo! You can also use any concealer onto your lid too, just to save costs. I would say, for concealer, try to get a little bit creamier type of concealer. and again ELF concealers are good too.

    Too bad i could not get ELF products here. :(

  3. hehe Kawan aku dari PeeJay..I'm your Utube Subbie:}..RM 60,whoa..

  4. i know you selalu comment on my youtube :D i do youtube just for fun.haha..

    well, who knows,maybe u tahu mana boleh dapat ELF products. :D


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