Wednesday, October 17, 2012


If you are following me on Twitter, you’d know that I am currently in the state of not buying anything that I don’t need stage. So this month, I am trying to cut down all my makeup expenses, handbag (I failed this one, but it’s been a long time since I purchase a really expensive with brand handbags), and clothing. If you follow me on Instagram, yes you can see that I did post out the H&M haul picture. Yes, I did failed to not to buy clothes. But some of them were not from my pocket money. Hehe. :p

So, yes. People must be wondering how the heck did I do these saving? Well, basically simple. I just set my mind up. If you know me VERY WELL you’ll know that I am a really big spender when it comes to makeup. Yes. I love buying makeup items. So, I am restricted myself not to visit SEPHORA or drugstores for this month. Or maybe for the next two months as well (If I am capable to do so.hehe) I am now feeling GREAT! Well, not that great. It is a little bit tense. But knowing that I still have money in my bank and it’s 17th of October now is Priceless! haha. Before this, the past months, when 15-17th date of the month came, I have like 50% less of what I have today. So, that’s great.

Well, it’s hard to save when you have commitments to do. I mean, I am not yet married but still I have to pay for bill, PTPTN, credit cards. So yeah, commitments. I do not yet own a car or a house for now. It could make it worst I tell ya. With the salary that I am receiving now, I don’t think I could handle a car or a house now. :(

Well, that’s my style this month. What about you?

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