Saturday, October 20, 2012

Thank you DiGi!

Yesterday I called DiGi customer service. Because I am so not happy to pay my iPhone DiGi bill quite high. Yes. Imma demanding person. I hate paying for things that I did not use frequently enough to pay for that much of amount. So, I need to have my previous payment back. You guys must be wondering what the heck that I am talking about?

Well, last 2 years, I bought an iPhone 4 from DiGi and I signed up with a 2 years contract with them. So, for first subscription, I choosed iDigi 88 for my iPhone plan. Then, I choose auto-billing so they deduct RM5 from my billing and they give some other discounts as well which I am not aware / remember what but the discount is up to RM20. So from RM88, I only pay RM55 (with auto-billing, of course). And why I choose DiGi? Because they were the only time that has an iPhone 4 stocks left and they offered the best internet packaging ever. Unlimited! Even though it says there 1GB of internet but they won’t charge you if you use more than that. They’ll only slow it down. Still okay for me as I still can use my internet even it if’s out of limits. :)


So, since 2 years back, I have been paying RM55 and my contract ended like, last month. So, now I have to pay RM88 back which is quite expensive (Although I pay by using my credit card, it is still expensive!) and like I said, I called their customer service to ask if I can actually get the chance to extend my contract so that I could get RM55 to pay back. Then, the customer service man asked me did any DiGi people called me before this to ask me about this? And I said “No” as yes, no one called me regarding about this special treatment for DiGi loyal customer I should say. He told me and he’ll open up a report and will ask someone to call me for this changes.

So, yesterday evening some DiGi people called me. At first I thought it was some random call as the number is actually a handphone number. It was 016-2991151. So Irfan told me to just pick it up. So I picked it up. And it is true, that DiGi people. :) I was happy that they said they could actually continue my contract for another year. I have no worry about contract as I am a very very loyal person. HAHA. So, I asked him a question.

“What if iPhone 5 is out and I would like to still use my DiGi contract with my so called iPhone 5?”

He replied;

“Yes. You still can continue with your contract. No charges needed. No penalty what so ever will be given to you. As long as you did not downgrade or change your iDigi plans. The iPhone 5 contract will overwrite your current contract. So no worries about that”


So, Thank You DiGi for making my day brighter!

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