Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The past.

We all have that kind of “PAST” that we will always remember no matter what. And those I would say “BAD MEMORIES” will forever sticks into our mind until we mention it back again. Am I right? Yes, we all do have those. But I found out about this quite “One of the keys to happiness is a bad memory” Why do you think they quote that? Maybe, and just maybe, if we only have good memory, it would be like lifeless. It is like, our life is not complete. It is not balanced enough.

We need bad memory just to let us know that we should avoid that. That is why, we learn from the past. So yes, the past will definitely defined as a bad past. Every moment, when we say it was in the past, our brain will start to think something bad happening, during these past time. It’s like, we have been compute to do so. Then we realize that we do have great things happening, past tense. Why we could not remember those first? Why must be the bad things first? Because good things did not give that much of an impact to our life. We get and forget. What we did not get, we will never forget. Especially those who have been hurt by someone or maybe something.

Accidents, break ups and sickness. We will never forget those because it used up way too much soul of ours. That is why, we remember those the most. But fret not, we are human being after all and like I said, we do have bad memories, laying inside our brain that we could not forget. If you always has a camera with you, take pictures of your good day. As you will never going to remember that day ever again unless, it was a bad one. ;)

Last thing from me;


Toodle & Goodnight. See you tomorrow.

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