Friday, November 30, 2012

Food Porn : Nasi Tumpang by Nadal



Nasi Tumpang? Have you ever heard of it? This is sort of like my first time encounter with this nasi / rice. It is originality from Kelantan, the Northeast of Malaysia. It is something unique that I have not yet eaten my whole life. You can now eat so many types of cuisine in Rasta TTDI. They have western, Indonesian, Malaysian, some Kelantanese and Terengganu foods as well. Not to forget Dim Sum and Waffles and also Middle Eastern Kebabs and Shawarma. So many types of foods to taste there. And last night, I have decided to try this Nasi Tumpang by Nadal.

To my surprise, Nadal is not a Malay. He is a foreigner who is married to a Muslim woman. Yes, I know. I can be quite a chatty when it comes to this part. Apparently, Nadal is not a Malay. And I did asked him how is the business so far. He said that it was okay but it is quite hard as people tend to give him that look that he is not a Malay/Muslim and people were kind of skeptical to buy his foods. And his wife is being hospitalized if I am not mistaken as she has some back bone issues. And yes, he cooked the foods by himself. So, he’s a great cooker because everything is a Malaysian food in there!

Masak Lemak Ayam, Serunding Daging, Telur dadar, Sambal, Sotong you can see, it is being wrapped in a banana leaf and has his pyramid shaped of wrapping. Originally i think the nasi is wrapped wholly in a banana leaf. This kind of menu reminds me of Nasi Ambeng by those Java people. :)

I suggest that if you are craving for these, do try it out at Rasta TTDI. He has his stall there, located just beside Azim Goreng-Goreng. You can definitely see the nasi packed so tall, from afar. Try it out! You will never regret it! It is RM9.80 per pack and yes, if you are eating like me, seriously you need to share this with other as well.


P/S : Short update! A friend of mine, who is actually a serious eater guy ordered this Nasi Tumpang and he said it was very delicious. Tak percaya? You just have to. This serious eater man said this. My neighbor actually. So, approved! haha. This rice has been endorsed by my boyfriend, me and my serious eater neighbor. And by the way, Nadal is a Muslim. No problem regarding about Halal. It is certainly 100% Halal. If you are being skeptical, please throw that aside. Do not judge the book by is cover. Never ever. :) Oh yes, it was really nice to meet his wife too, today! The backbone of Nasi Nadal himself. :)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

World trip.

I have this big dream of going for holidays. I have a lists of places that I really wanted to go or go again. Be it alone, with future husband or just with my parents. It doesn’t matter with who. Even with my office mates and of course friends. Let just go through one by one, the places that I really wanted to visit (again!) :)



London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. Yes. London! I really wanted to come back here again someday. Like it is a MUST for me and my future family to visit London at least 1 time per 3 year. I LOVE this place so much. I even have an idea of go and work there when I am around 35 years old. HAHA. Well, we planned, God creates it. So, if God did not want me to work there, I still can go there for my holiday trip. Why London? It’s because I love British. I love Union Jack Flag and I have been living near there when I was little. So, visiting there is like balik kampung.


tyne bridge

This is Tyne Bridge. Located at Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. Why Newcastle? I lived here before. And I wanted to go and visit my place back. Yes. I miss this place. It’s not like home to me but it still used to be my home for nearly 2 years. I wanted to vist Benwell, my school and all. I really really miss this place. I could take a train from London to here. It takes about 2 hours my mom said but I just don’t care. I miss Newcastle Upon Tyne. Really.



Mecca, holy city. Yes. This should be No.1 in my list but somehow I made it No.3. I have no intention, just that I really wanted to go there and see Kaabah for the first time but I think I am not that ready. I mean, I have made sins, big sins and small sins. My mom told me, if I wanted to perform Umrah I need to clean my soul and mind. I am now trying to so that hopefully. I really wanted to see Kaabah to be right in front of my eyes. InsyaAllah, if God’s willing.



Paris, the city of love. Who doesn’t want to come here? I have dreams that I am there, at Paris. But it was all just a dream. I dream big. Haha. Well, I would love if I could just see Eiffer Tower right in front of my eyes. Taste the food, desserts and more. Be in love and be loved by the person who loved me. Take photos of each and every angle of this incredible city. Yes, when I dream big. I do. Paris is my next stop.



No.5 would be Venice, Italy. Another city of Love, Arts and Cultural. If only I could just sat in those gondolas and have the man sings song to me. Wouldn’t' it be great when someone serenades to you while strolling in the gondolas? Viewing this incredible views? Tell me who does not want this to be happening at least once in your life? :)



JAPAN! How can I forget this country! I have no specific place yet to visit in Japan. Maybe Shibuya or Osaka would be nice. Shopping galore and paradise! I love their culture, their language and some part of their foods. So, I would definitely will be visiting Japan soon. See those Cherry Blossom Sakura? Pink and beautiful.



Hong Kong is another place that I really wanted to go and borong all the makeups and beauty products and also visit their Disneyland Theme Park. :D I know, people used to rave about Hong Kong like 2 –3 years back. I was like, what? Hong Kong? What do they really have there? How’s the halal foods and all? Well, I know I am being skeptical. Now, I want to go there. Like really wanted to! :D



The very famous upper-east side inside Gossip Girl. I really wanted to go and see this place. How cruel it is actually. Just because Blair Waldrof lives there, I really wanted to see and visit here. I know, it would be a very expensive place to visit and I know it has nothing but still, I dream of going there.


So, those are the places that I really wanted to visit. I don’t know if I could go even 2 places in this list but London is a must for me! So, I would at least visit one place. :)

Pictures courtesy of : Google.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work helpers : Copernic Desktop Search


Hello guys! This time I would like to spare sometime to just introduce to you this incredible Windows File Search installer. The name is Copernic Desktop Search. It is a free installer and you could just install it inside your laptop just in a nick of time. But let me tell you, the hard part is when it wanted to actually indexed each and every file that you wanted, or to stay simple, your whole computer files. But it will run and will not disturb you or your computer at all. It does not take more rams, it does not make my laptop warm and it does not freeze up my screen (as far as I am using it)

I know, sometimes Windows could suck in file searching and most of the time, you could not search inside your hard drive. But this magical baby CAN search inside external drive as well! It is magic! It made my life as a CV screener much much much more simpler and easier! This was actually being introduced by my work clique but I was reluctant to install it because I thought Windows search has already done a very good job. But lately, I could not do file searching inside my external hard drive and it drives me mad! So I take my chance to install this installer and it works like a charm!

The indexing part is awesome! It will indexed the file and keep it inside the installer. Even if my hard drive does not connected to my laptop, when I search some files, it will come out in the search result as well, on that I could not open the file as they did not capture the whole file and I need to attached my external drive if I would like to open them. It was magical. But yes, you need to set it up first as the default will only in searching in C drive. It was something that I have not yet encountered until now. Now I know, this could increase my work productivity a lot more!

Apart from the indexing, you can also selected what kind of files you want to make a display inside the result pane. You can even connected it to your Microsoft Outlook and it could search inside your email as well. How wonderful is that?

So download this installer now here : Copernic Desktop Search Download and choose the HOME and not PERSONAL as personal is not a free installer. :)

Have fun!



Me and my buddies, we sisters! Even though we are always apart at most times, some of us even relocate to a new house, some of us will be getting married and some of us has already have kids but still, 27/4 is not enough for us to stay in touch and have fun with each other let alone to update with each others happy or sad life treating us. Since it is now in a very fast moving and rapid environment, I can actually know what is going on and what is happening to my friend in just a nick of time! Let me just story you a little bit of our memories together.

We used to sleep together and she always follow me and my parents to out hometown and holidays. We even do share our food or drinks together like sisters! Even some people said we do look alike. Sleepovers were havoc those days. She used to stay at my home and we would watch our favorite stories on television and cried at the same time when the sad part is showing. We studied each other for PMR, went to the same tuition during SPM and used to work together at the same clothing companies during university break. We dance to Westlife songs together, played internet and be friended with the same person on a social web together. We were always together no matter what happened but those were the days where we were young. Now, we were also connected with each other on blackberry, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter. Instagram and more apps available on our own gadgets 24/7! It’s like she is always with me and I am always with her.

You guys must be wondering how did we stay in touch even though we were like thousands km apart? Well, I do have my DiGi number that could give me 24 FREE CALL + SMS + Facebook! Yes! Facebook data for free! That is how I could connect with my buddies at most time. With all the technologies and gadgets that we have now, I could not say no to wireless connectivity that we have.

Sign up for DiGi now! You can keep closer to your buddy at no time and cost! Everything is FREE! Cool ay? :)

The Life of Pi


Life of Pi. I have been wanted to watch this movie since I saw it’s trailer way back. I could not remember when or how. Maybe I surfed inside IMDB and found this movie. I even marked it as one of my watchlist movie in my IMDB apps.

First of all, I would like to thank NUFFNANG for selecting me to be part of the 40 winners to get to watch the  free pre screening of this movie. It was the best movie that I have ever watch. Even The Memoirs of Geisha and The Last Samurai could not beat it by any chance. If you think that LOTR is the greatest movie ever, this one is incomparable! I seriously could say that this is my favorite movie by far.

It is a depressing movie. Very very depressing. The title is simple but it is so powerful. I really can’t say what kind of things that I have learned inside this movie. Way too much of information, way too much literature and way too much arts for me. It just could not let me breathe for a second. Ang Lee, the Award Winning Director brings it once again. He touches about believe, strength, cope, togetherness, teamwork, love, sadness, never give up and more.

Let me just warn you, if you are an animal lover just like I do, try not to cry. Some part that I could relate to my self is his relationship with Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger. You just got to go and watch this movie. It has so many depression feelings I should say. HAHA. The impact is until now, I watched it earlier. And, do eat some light food before watching too. Watching 3D movie, that involves water and buoying and stuffs it is just uneasy with empty stomach. You need to have strength if you want to watch it with empty stomach as you need to digest A LOT of information and feelings.

Good luck and please, go and watch this movie.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 5–Toujours Collagen Dust


The photo from IG. The look on the left hand side was on Sunday. Still have those greasy spots and all those red marks. On the right hand side what I have was my picture yesterday. Please be mind that this is a no filter picture. So yes..thank you my dear friend who liked my picture. haha.

BTW, I am not selling this collagen. I just do updates and review so that you guys and girls (yes..guys can take it too!) know if it’s real or it is just the opposite. For me, and my skin, it works. But just do not quote me on these thing. I think it is actually depends on each skin. So, might be not working for you guys and vice versa. But there is no harm in trying, the harm is when you tried the product and it is not working and the product is quite expensive.

The reason I would like to try this product is that yes, I would like to have a flawless skin. So damn jealous of all the people that does not require any makeup cause they have flawless skin.

Maybe after this I’ll be trying Vitamin C. I am a little bit skeptical when it comes to eating product. So, I might need some time to think deeply, to buy or not to buy the vitamin C.

Till then, I love this product, no more oil on my face when I woke up every morning. Every night, I will sprinkle a little bit of the collagen into my Naruko Rose & Botanic Night Jelly and spread it onto my face. It will leave just a thin layer of gel. But please beware, this product smells. Yes. It will give out a some sort of a fishy smell. So if you do not like the smell, you need clip your nose with a nose clipper. Hehe.

Till, then..hope to see this journey continues. If you really wanted to try this product out, please email to Ms. Hanis Zalikha at

Thank you.


Monday, November 26, 2012

When you know you just can’t do it..

Yes. what would you do when you know that you just can’t do it anymore. Or you just at the tip of saying I am giving up. What would you do, think and react? Will you give up? Or will do you the cliché word saying that I wont give up and I will do my best? For me, I would say, if I do this right, I could get noticeable, maybe a higher salary or bonus or maybe I could get promoted? So that means what? More money for me to buy stuffs! Haha! I just want to be like my dad. He knows what he is doing. He has confidence. I have none and I still don’t know what I am doing now. As in WORKING type. Yes. No idea. What so ever.

And by the way. You just can't change me and expect me to be like you. I am not you. We have no similarity in what so ever. Stop trying to make me be NOT ME.

Just trying to cheer myself up on this Monday nearly afternoon.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sayang mereka

Tadi baru pergi Mahbub kat Damansara Damai, jumpa my lovely best friends. Yes. Best friends yang walaupun duduk dekat tapi masih jarang jumpa sebab masing-masing memang dah ada hidup masing-masing. Tak salahkan hidup sebab itu nyata. :) Pergi jumpa untuk makan breakfast dan nak amik kad kawin from the bride herself. Dah nak kawin my friend ku sorang ni. Seriously, tak percaya. Bukan tak percaya tu maksud ke arah negativ. Just I could not believe how fast time flies. Yes. Dulu main sama-sama, study sama-sama..gadoh pun pernah. Bukan tak pernah. So that’s why I call them my true friends. Seriously. Gadoh tak ingat dunia. Gadoh yang siap tulis dalam blog (akulah tu.hehe) lagi. Tapi tu lah, kalau kawan, it’s a a friend. NO. They were all my sisters. Gadoh pun masih bersama sampai skarang.

Eventhough semua dah ada kawan baru, dah jumpa orang baru dsbnya, but still masih tak pernah nak putus kawan. Kagum! Dah saya sayang derang dua. Sangat sangat. We sort of like grew up together. Same class, school and everything. Memang dah macam adik beradik jauh. Teringat zaman skolah rendah dulu, kecik2 lagi. Dengan cikgu Hasri ke Asri tah. Cikgu kedah tu. Then, masuk sekolah menengah..then universiti..then one of us dah nak kawin. Happy sangat! It’s like, wow..we are now nearly 27 years old. Seriously dah tak remaja lagi. T_T But bila fikir balik, we just can’t change age and time. And some people say (Sometimes I do said it too.haha) age is just a number. Well, maybe right. Kalau yang boleh take positive lah. :) Kadang-kadang, aku pun tak boleh nak bayangkan ape aku akan jadi bila umur 30 tahun. Haha. Dah kawin ke? Ada rumah? Or kereta baru? Ada anak ke? anak kucing? Hahaha..well, we can’t predict can we? :) Stupid me. LOL

Well, what I can predict is that, we are all going to get married to the man we love, we are going to have kids, we are going to be happy. And yes, I know that. Tahu sangat lah. Maybe bunyik macam cliché tapi it’s true.

Ya, saya sebenarnya sangat sangat sayang mereka. :)


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Picture for today


No filter, no edit picture. Yes, I know I look damn sloppy. Still can see the jeragats and all right? But, this is my face today, without any blotting paper used. Still looks matte and only a little bit of oil on the side of my nose. Hopefully the jeragats can all gone soon. I blame Langkawi for these jeragats. Adoih. :(

For me, not using a blotting paper for a whole day is a success. My face is very very very oily. I have combination dry to oily but oily seems more than dry. Haha.

Day 2–Toujours Collagen Dust

Today I just wanted to update all of you regarding about my yesterday experience using Toujours collagen dust. As I have mentioned in my earlier post, I felt that the oil on my face when I woke up has gone. It is like, totally gone. I have no idea where it went or how it goes and what the collagen did, I just know that it is gone.

And for one whole day, my face does not require blotting at all! I mean, yes I was in an air conditioned place for the whole day, but still I do not feel like I need to blot my face. Before this, even in an air conditioned environment I need to blot my face like twice per day. But, yesterday up to my surprise, I do not have to. I mean, my face are still oily but it has lessen. Especially I used my BB Cream yesterday (sort of like a liquid foundation based) but still it does not make me feel like blotting my face. It was incredible! I mean, the experience.

The little spots (jeragat) on my face is also lessen. I got those from my Langkawi trip. I don’t usually have jeragat but I did picked it up a little bit while I was at Langkawi. :( It has gone smaller and smaller now. Even my face feels moisturized and smooth now.

I really like this Collagen dust so much. It does show the results quite fast.


On my face :

Sephora Powder foundation

Maybelline Hypersharp liquid liner

Lancome Hypnose Mascara

Maybelline False Lash Mascara

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish



Friday, November 23, 2012

BOTD–Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain


Hye girls! Yes! Finally this baby has arrived in Malaysia! After I got the chance to know about it from Traclyn Yeoh Facebook page, I just need to get this straight away today! Yes. I have been watching and hearing raves about this lip stain balm in Youtube and I feel like I need to try them like..straight away! So, I dragged my boyfriend to Watsons at Pavilion just for these babies!

At Watsons, they sell it for RM32.80 for now. I did not get the chance to buy it at Guardian’s in Pavilion as they did not have it in there yet. I wonder why tho..hmm. Well, at Pavilion Watsons, my boyfriend bought me the Romantic Romatique while the Cherish Devotion I got it from another Watsons which is at Hartamas. Hehe. Well, I sneaked a little bit. While my boyfriend were registering in the clinic near there, I saw Watsons and I told him that I wanted to check the price (Which was my really honest intention as I thought I bought the first lip stain at Guardian haha) but instead, after testing all of the colors onto my hand, I feel like I need to have another one just for the sake of having it and of course just because I love the shades too!

This lip stain comes in 8 different shades altogether in Malaysia. Some of the shades looks similar to me, at least to my skin color. Sorry, I could not remember the names of the shades on the picture below but you can visit Traclyn blog to see all the swatches and names. :)



P/S : Sorry syg bb tak bagitau syg bb beli lagi satu sebab time tu syg tengah sakit & tak nak mentensionkan lagi keadaan. Hehe. :)

Day 1–Toujours Collagen

Hello all!

Just a QUICK update on the day 1 experience of using Toujours Collagen. Last night, I just sprinkle it together with my Naruko Night Jelly in Rose and Botanic. It does not dissolves that fast but once I stir them a little bit, it simply dissolves. Then, I applied them onto my face with my fingers. :)

This morning, I woke up and feel No oil at all on my face. I was stunned! Like seriously!?! My face usually gets very oily when I woke up in the morning. But I was stunned. just one application and it turns out to be non oily? This product is ah-may-zingg! :D Besides, my pimple has shrunk as well! Again, amazing product just with one try.

Well, I applied again this morning together with my Naruko Rose & Snow Aqua cubic hydrator. And we’ll see what will be happening soon today.

This is based on my skin type and my experience. I do hope anybody who have tried this product please let us know as well. Just comment your post link about this product and I will read them together with other readers. :)

Thank you

Thursday, November 22, 2012

BOTD–Toujours Skin Collagen Dust


Finally! I got my hands on these collagen dust that has been raved by non other than Miss Hanis Zalikha ! :) Ordered last Saturday if not mistaken with instant payment and I have no idea when they shipped this product but I got it yesterday. Since yesterday I was not at home and neither my family because we went to Langkawi (check my Langkawi vlogs down there :) ), I have to picked it up at the post office.

My first impression is..The jar is kinda big! Huge I think! The ones inside Hanis Zalikha’s blog is quite small, this one absolutely cannot fit in my handbag for sure. so I have to purchase another empty jar and transfer some of it so that I could carry those around. I have not yet tried this collagen today (as per when I am typing this blog), but I will to a week-by-week blog and also vlog about this product.

I don’t know how soon it will react or will it react to my horrible skin, I have no idea. But testing it out may need some time to get the results. For now, I will only be just applying it together with my moisturizer. I don’t have the urge to sprinkle it inside my food or drinks just yet. Haha.

Well, the texture is yeah..dusty. But the smell is quite fishy I should say. Haha. Well, I hope so that it could at least make some changes to my skin.

Lets just hope for the best than. I will list down all the experience that I have overcome while using this product on the PAGES up there.

Oh ya, before I forgot RM170 per jar with postage. ;)

See you!


Missing You!

Yes! I know..I know..I’ve said that I would update my blog form afar but I did not. Instead, I do a vlog video for your guys. So, if you would love to check it out, please feel free to do so. :)



Friday, November 16, 2012

Langkawi mode

Hello all,

I will be updating my blog from afar for the next 5 days! hehe. I’ll be going to Langkawi tomorrow until Wednesday. So yes, I’ll be bringing my iPad along so I’ll be updating my blog through my iPad then.

Till then, see you guys soon! :)

P/S : I will be missing my Irfan. :( Hope you could have fun while I am there. hehe. No one can bosses you around except me. ;p

BOTD–Johnson & Johnson Fresh & Smooth Face Powder

Lately there are so many beauty product brands available in Malaysia. Since Sephora came to Malaysia, there are simply nothing that we can't get our hands off (except for NARS, Tarte and some other USA holy grail beauty products) from Sephora. It’s like we have been neglecting some old and classic beauty products available at the drugstore especially Johnsons&Johnson products.

I think it is not because of the more beauty products available. It’s because we are growing up and we would love to try new brands. I used to wear this powder when I was in my teenager days. It’s cheap. It’s something that I could put onto my face without being skeptical about it. I trust Johnson’s product 100%. I know they would not react onto my skin.

I purchase this because I want something that I can trust to put onto my face, something that I can actually bring anywhere, something that could actually fits inside my handbag. And it’s the perfect fit! I could not remember the price (will update to this entry once I go and check) but you can basically get this powder at any drugstores. I think it is available internationally, I don’t not quote me on this. Haha :D
Basically, the powder is seriously light. It does not even as thick as a real powder foundation. It could be seen as a makeup setup powder. Although it does have some color (I bought the beige color. it comes is two, beige / white) onto it but when applied, the color wont show up as much. So it does not cover up your spots, or pimples or what so ever.

Some main thing I did with this face powder :

1. Face powder after liquid foundation
2. As my main foundation (If I am way to lazy and just want to have some powder layered onto my face)
3. As my blotting powder. I know it’s not good to build on powder on your face if you have oily skin, but it a habit of mine that I could not get rid of.

I think it’s time for us to not to neglect these classic products as well. ;)

Happy Birthday Sayang!


Happy Birthday to my boyfriend, Irfan! :) Hope you like the present. Be a nice son, brother, friend and ex friend too. Haha. :P

Have a very blessed birthday, great day and life. Semoga panjang umur, di murahkan rezeki dan sentiasa happy. :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

1 Muharram 1434 H

Today has been great! Me and Irfan had a seriously day out. First stop was at Matrade. To celebrate the reception of Asyraf and Ryna. Beautiful! Everything was perfect! The foods and all. So organized and so perfect in any sence. The hall was super huge and people from all over the world came by to watch the newlyweds. So i would like to take this opportunity again to say..


And then we went to Alam Impian. Wondering around the place for a while to search for my friend's house. After we could grasp the map of Alam Impian, i asked Irfan to take me to GM. One of my fave wholesale place of all time. They have moved into a bigger building, full with airconditioned and clean toilet. Love it there! So i bought some masks and also a freebra. Hehe. It was okay the price for the freebra but the masks were cheap!

Irfan bought a head massager that costs him RM10 only! Hehe. And a lighter too to light up some charcoals. :)

Well, back to Alam Impian at nearly 7PM and we are the first person the arrive at the open house. Haha. Ate some very delicious Indian cuisine, tosai, rice (yummy!!) and some curry, muttons and chickens and meat and veggie. So lovely. All home cooked. Which i love the most. Hehe

Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah buat semua!
How's your 1st Muharram?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Japan Charity Bazaar 2012


I forgot to do an entry about this event! Like seriously?!?! Well, it started when I won two tickets to this bazaar from The Loaf Malaysia. I really love Japan, their language and culture. So I decided to enter the contest. But I did not actually set my mind up that I am going to win the tickets. Hehe. This is my first time hearing about this kind of bazaar. I love it here! It’s a yearly bazaar organized by Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur. If you have the chance next year to come, please do drop by. It’s a charity bazaar after all. So the money that they collected from this bazaar will be donated to some of the charity in Kuala Lumpur. So buying and doing charity at the same time. It is FUN!

What I like about this bazaar are :

1. Cheap stuffs! Like seriously cheap! Even a big LCD TV could just cost about RM1200. It’s CRAZY there!

2. Yukata wearing booth. Yay!

3. Foods! Yummy I tell ya! And cheap too!

4. Air conditioned place.

5. Cheap entrance ticket

6. Cheap rate parking

7. Tea Ceremony (classical!)

8. Full with Japanese people! :)


What I bought :

1. Japan fan

2. Pictures of me and Irfan Wearing Yukata

3. Mister Donut

4. Some tins

5. Tumbler

6. SPCA Car stickers

It’s not that much but still I am actually contributing to something / someone :)

Accessories : Ellui Accessories


Like what I have in the pictures up there? I do! That’s why I bought them. Hehe. Well, I bought them at this accessories shop in Setia City Mall named Ellui Accessories. Walked into the shop, I could see so many earrings and bangles. All cute things, designs and stuffs! So I had my eyes on these two things, a ring and also a hairband. Love the spikes on the hairband! So rock style!

You could check out their online shop as well here : they do sell some stuffs online! The prices are quite affordable although I think some of the items are quite expensive.

Food Porn–Starbucks Toffee Nut Frappuccino


Yes! Starbucks Christmas Favorite is back! I love them! Especially the toffee nut frap! Sedap I cakap u! Bought mine in a venti size. Seriously yummy. Haven’t try the other two. Peppermint is not my kind of drink but will hope so I could try.

Go to your nearest Starbucks now! And get your Starbucks Card Christmas edition for free! Just reload to buy your drinks by using the card. It’s super cute! I got mine last year. Hehe.

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