Monday, November 12, 2012

BOTD–Ched Solid Perfumes


I have been hearing about this solid perfume quite sometime now. Since Zarina Anjoulie is actually the ambassador for this perfume, she has been promoting them on her Twitter and since then she invited me to the official ceremony of the perfume. I went but just look from afar away at Rasta. Haha. Malu lah.

Well, last Saturday I went to Rasta TTDI for the Bazaar Oh Bazaar and saw the booth for Ched solid perfume. At first I was a bit reluctant to purchase the perfume as I have so many perfumes at home and inside my handbag already. The lady gave me this pamphlet and I read through it. Only after that, I feel like buying one just to try it out. The sales person told me that this is a multipurpose solid perfume. It could be a perfume, a lip balm (which is quite weird as you can smell the perfume on your lips. It’ll be like licking perfumes.haha), a deodorant and car perfume and if you want to, an aromatherapy oil as well. WOW. All of that for just the price of RM12.90 per jar. Oh yes, they also have some perfume range for men as well. :)

I searched through their website  for the shipping rate if I would want to purchase from their website. It was quite expensive RM5.10 Flat Rate shipping. As my home is just nearby their office, so I could choose the option of picking up my product at their office.

Some information of the perfume.

1. Handmade.

2. Made from truthful products.

3. Solid perfumes / balm I should say

4. Says that the perfume could last up until 5 hours per swatch

5. Rich in Vitamin E

6. Suitable for all types of skin

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