Friday, November 16, 2012

BOTD–Johnson & Johnson Fresh & Smooth Face Powder

Lately there are so many beauty product brands available in Malaysia. Since Sephora came to Malaysia, there are simply nothing that we can't get our hands off (except for NARS, Tarte and some other USA holy grail beauty products) from Sephora. It’s like we have been neglecting some old and classic beauty products available at the drugstore especially Johnsons&Johnson products.

I think it is not because of the more beauty products available. It’s because we are growing up and we would love to try new brands. I used to wear this powder when I was in my teenager days. It’s cheap. It’s something that I could put onto my face without being skeptical about it. I trust Johnson’s product 100%. I know they would not react onto my skin.

I purchase this because I want something that I can trust to put onto my face, something that I can actually bring anywhere, something that could actually fits inside my handbag. And it’s the perfect fit! I could not remember the price (will update to this entry once I go and check) but you can basically get this powder at any drugstores. I think it is available internationally, I don’t not quote me on this. Haha :D
Basically, the powder is seriously light. It does not even as thick as a real powder foundation. It could be seen as a makeup setup powder. Although it does have some color (I bought the beige color. it comes is two, beige / white) onto it but when applied, the color wont show up as much. So it does not cover up your spots, or pimples or what so ever.

Some main thing I did with this face powder :

1. Face powder after liquid foundation
2. As my main foundation (If I am way to lazy and just want to have some powder layered onto my face)
3. As my blotting powder. I know it’s not good to build on powder on your face if you have oily skin, but it a habit of mine that I could not get rid of.

I think it’s time for us to not to neglect these classic products as well. ;)

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