Thursday, November 22, 2012

BOTD–Toujours Skin Collagen Dust


Finally! I got my hands on these collagen dust that has been raved by non other than Miss Hanis Zalikha ! :) Ordered last Saturday if not mistaken with instant payment and I have no idea when they shipped this product but I got it yesterday. Since yesterday I was not at home and neither my family because we went to Langkawi (check my Langkawi vlogs down there :) ), I have to picked it up at the post office.

My first impression is..The jar is kinda big! Huge I think! The ones inside Hanis Zalikha’s blog is quite small, this one absolutely cannot fit in my handbag for sure. so I have to purchase another empty jar and transfer some of it so that I could carry those around. I have not yet tried this collagen today (as per when I am typing this blog), but I will to a week-by-week blog and also vlog about this product.

I don’t know how soon it will react or will it react to my horrible skin, I have no idea. But testing it out may need some time to get the results. For now, I will only be just applying it together with my moisturizer. I don’t have the urge to sprinkle it inside my food or drinks just yet. Haha.

Well, the texture is yeah..dusty. But the smell is quite fishy I should say. Haha. Well, I hope so that it could at least make some changes to my skin.

Lets just hope for the best than. I will list down all the experience that I have overcome while using this product on the PAGES up there.

Oh ya, before I forgot RM170 per jar with postage. ;)

See you!


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