Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Me and my buddies, we sisters! Even though we are always apart at most times, some of us even relocate to a new house, some of us will be getting married and some of us has already have kids but still, 27/4 is not enough for us to stay in touch and have fun with each other let alone to update with each others happy or sad life treating us. Since it is now in a very fast moving and rapid environment, I can actually know what is going on and what is happening to my friend in just a nick of time! Let me just story you a little bit of our memories together.

We used to sleep together and she always follow me and my parents to out hometown and holidays. We even do share our food or drinks together like sisters! Even some people said we do look alike. Sleepovers were havoc those days. She used to stay at my home and we would watch our favorite stories on television and cried at the same time when the sad part is showing. We studied each other for PMR, went to the same tuition during SPM and used to work together at the same clothing companies during university break. We dance to Westlife songs together, played internet and be friended with the same person on a social web together. We were always together no matter what happened but those were the days where we were young. Now, we were also connected with each other on blackberry, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter. Instagram and more apps available on our own gadgets 24/7! It’s like she is always with me and I am always with her.

You guys must be wondering how did we stay in touch even though we were like thousands km apart? Well, I do have my DiGi number that could give me 24 FREE CALL + SMS + Facebook! Yes! Facebook data for free! That is how I could connect with my buddies at most time. With all the technologies and gadgets that we have now, I could not say no to wireless connectivity that we have.

Sign up for DiGi now! You can keep closer to your buddy at no time and cost! Everything is FREE! Cool ay? :)

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