Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 5–Toujours Collagen Dust


The photo from IG. The look on the left hand side was on Sunday. Still have those greasy spots and all those red marks. On the right hand side what I have was my picture yesterday. Please be mind that this is a no filter picture. So yes..thank you my dear friend who liked my picture. haha.

BTW, I am not selling this collagen. I just do updates and review so that you guys and girls (yes..guys can take it too!) know if it’s real or it is just the opposite. For me, and my skin, it works. But just do not quote me on these thing. I think it is actually depends on each skin. So, might be not working for you guys and vice versa. But there is no harm in trying, the harm is when you tried the product and it is not working and the product is quite expensive.

The reason I would like to try this product is that yes, I would like to have a flawless skin. So damn jealous of all the people that does not require any makeup cause they have flawless skin.

Maybe after this I’ll be trying Vitamin C. I am a little bit skeptical when it comes to eating product. So, I might need some time to think deeply, to buy or not to buy the vitamin C.

Till then, I love this product, no more oil on my face when I woke up every morning. Every night, I will sprinkle a little bit of the collagen into my Naruko Rose & Botanic Night Jelly and spread it onto my face. It will leave just a thin layer of gel. But please beware, this product smells. Yes. It will give out a some sort of a fishy smell. So if you do not like the smell, you need clip your nose with a nose clipper. Hehe.

Till, then..hope to see this journey continues. If you really wanted to try this product out, please email to Ms. Hanis Zalikha at toujours.my@gmail.com

Thank you.


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