Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Diwali day!


Today is a great hangout day for me and Irfan. Yes, unplanned but yet still great! First, I had to do my work at home thingy so I punch my overtime in at 10:30am and punch out at 1:30pm so there goes 3 hours of my overtime today. And while doing my work, I only drink Milo as my mum is outside I am way too lazy to cook something to eat. So, I just do my work and let Milo fill in my empty stomach. ;)

After that, Irfan came and we have no idea where to go. I suggested maybe Ikea as I wanted to eat those yummy meatballs (I am so hungry at that time) but the jam was so fcukup so we went to eat at Restoran Jasima in Taman Tun. I LOVE this mamak restaurant as it does not stink my clothes right after we went out from there. Seriously! I did not smell like mamak mee goreng or maggi goreng or roti chanai for once leaving mamak. And I am seriously grateful of that.Besides, the maggi goreng is damn delicious! RM4 with all those rojak bits! Love ‘em!

Then, One utama was also mad as hell so we decided to get away from all these madness and went to…Setia City Mall! Haha. Yeah, you can laugh all you can but I love it there. Although today, it was a bit tricky too to find a parking lot but who cares! No traffic jams and today is a weekday so FREE PARKING for us! Muahaha!

I love it here. The shops were not that much but they have this small H&M which is always full, they have Typo (which I am nearly halfway to buy a very nice looking notebook, mint green color which is my favorite color!) and they have Daiso, those top 3 shops that I love the most. haha. I went to this korea accessories shop and bought me self a spiky hairband and also a ring. I love them! It’s kind of pricey but who cares! haha :p

After Setia City mall, we went to Rasta for a drink and then went out wandering around Hartamas to find the Dip&Dip shop. So know I know where the shop is! Can’t wait to eat there soon! It was full house just now. :( We had our dinner at Uptown Damansara, Lanun Steak. Yummeh! RM30 for one Rib eye and one Sirloin steak. Cheapo I guess! It was Irfan’s fave place to eat, by the way. Haha. :P

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