Monday, November 5, 2012

Food for thought–MUZIC Wafer Cubes Munchy’s


Today, I was feeling a little sweet tooth and I really wanted to have some wafers. I love lemon wafers that my mum bought so I was actually looking for some kind of a similar taste or flavor. Did not found any and I saw this one. This is good too actually! I did not believe that it has 0g trans fat. So I could munch all the way that I wanted. But still, these little baby does have saturated fat. :( But then again, it’s okay. For munching purposes. Haha. :D

This one bag costs me around RM4. And it has this zipper on top of the bag. ;) So, it’s easier for me to just eat it straight out from this packaging. Yeah, I am one lazy girl. Hehe.

Do try some. This is good!

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