Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Japan Charity Bazaar 2012


I forgot to do an entry about this event! Like seriously?!?! Well, it started when I won two tickets to this bazaar from The Loaf Malaysia. I really love Japan, their language and culture. So I decided to enter the contest. But I did not actually set my mind up that I am going to win the tickets. Hehe. This is my first time hearing about this kind of bazaar. I love it here! It’s a yearly bazaar organized by Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur. If you have the chance next year to come, please do drop by. It’s a charity bazaar after all. So the money that they collected from this bazaar will be donated to some of the charity in Kuala Lumpur. So buying and doing charity at the same time. It is FUN!

What I like about this bazaar are :

1. Cheap stuffs! Like seriously cheap! Even a big LCD TV could just cost about RM1200. It’s CRAZY there!

2. Yukata wearing booth. Yay!

3. Foods! Yummy I tell ya! And cheap too!

4. Air conditioned place.

5. Cheap entrance ticket

6. Cheap rate parking

7. Tea Ceremony (classical!)

8. Full with Japanese people! :)


What I bought :

1. Japan fan

2. Pictures of me and Irfan Wearing Yukata

3. Mister Donut

4. Some tins

5. Tumbler

6. SPCA Car stickers

It’s not that much but still I am actually contributing to something / someone :)

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