Sunday, November 4, 2012

Photo Stream

Haha! I just nak update you guys. Lately I have been so damn dumb. LOL. Yes. Ignorance. Sangat! Nama je AppleFag konon, tapi sangat tak up to date. Well, the thing is..I know iCloud has been around since..can’t quite remember. I have iCloud accounts (For sure!!) and I have downloaded iCloud onto my Windows Laptop as well. I haven’t been using it since I first know about the Photo Stream folder inside my Pictures folder inside my C drive.

Sangat sangat teruja okay! Since I can actually letak je gambar dalam UPLOADS folder inside the Photo Stream folder so that the picture will then be inside my iPhone / iPad / iPod and I do not have to plug in the cable lagi. Same goes to the other way around. Kalau dah amik gambar guna iPhone ke iPad ke iPod ke, now dah tak payah nak import pictures lagi! Yay ness! Thanks to iCloud connectivity, you can instantly have your pictures uploaded inside your laptop, be it MAC or Windows. Is that simple or what? I know I am a tad late about these technology but I am still teruja! Haha.

All you need to do is…

Create an Apple ID

Select ON for Photo Stream inside your iPhone / iPad / iPod iCloud settings

And the pergi kat korang punya Control Panel (For windows) and cari iCloud. Kalau tak download lagi, boleh click kat link ni untuk setup :

Sign in masuk iCloud, cari Photo Stream, tick on the little box. Click OPTIONS untuk tetapkan folder mana yang korang nak simpan / download gambar tu. You can see two options, one Upload and the other one is Download. Upload tu untuk korang nak uploadkan gambar masuk ke dalam idevices korang menerusi iCloud, and download is where the pictures that you took guna idevices korang akan di downloadkan ikut iCloud untuk masuk ke laptop. Easy breezy! :)


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