Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sick Sunday

I am sick today. Not feeling that well. I have sore throat since Friday and yesterday was the epic time where I have my fever and flu after going through that heavy rain. The worst thing, I am having this difficulty to sneeze. That was the most epic yesterday.

But today, as I am resting, Irfan bbm-ed me saying that he’ll be picking me up for a “Jalan-Jalan” after his class. So, I have got some time to rest my mind and eyes a little bit. ;) So, I took a nap for about an hour as my brain is not functioning anymore. Need to have some rest pronto! haha

So, he came at about 4:20pm, and we went to One Utama. We personally haven’t been there for like..ages! :D So, we had our late lunch at Chillis, another place that we have not been for ever. I was not that in a good condition. But still feels like walking and doing some shopping. So, I bought a skirt at Forever21 as they were having this bargain sale. My skirt only costs me RM39.90! Cheapo! :) Only eyeing for cheap cloths now. I am no longer buying expensive stuffs. But, when did I ever buy expensive stuffs to begin with? Until now, I still did not have any G2000 clothes. Yes, because they were so damn expensive! I could get 2 or 3 clothes for the price of one of their shirt. It’s ridiculous! I mean, the price. :D

So yeah, I have a great day today. I love something simple like this. But I just can’t wait for our company trip. Don’t know where just yet but we are going somewhere soon! Maybe Singapore again. Or..Hong Kong? (yeah, just keep dreaming, Anfaal :) )


* Qila’s baby! Iman! *

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