Saturday, November 3, 2012


Believe it or not, this is actually my first ever Bond movie. I haven’t watch any of the past movies of Bond before. I don’t know why I am so keen to watch this one. I think it is because of the London scene.

For me, to rate this movie. It would be hard. As this is my first ever Bond movie that I have ever watch. So I don’t know how’s the movie back then. I hope they’ll be more action scene but Bond is actually a very deep and drama movie too. Not that much of an action going on. No high end gadgets and all. It was all about the storyline itself. It was quite rare to see movies like this, movies which has a very powerful and strong storyline.

I have no idea how long did the bond girl gets the cameo in the past movie but this one, it was quite short. I am sorry if I am being ignorant but yes, she appears quite fast and then she’s gone. It’s like she was not even the bond girl here. I think it is because of the censorship of the movie here in Malaysia. I don’t know.

The last part, it feels like I am watching Home Alone. As they were doing something kind of a similar act like it. ;) And oh yes, the villain..for me he was familiar. I keep on thinking where do I see this guy..which movie. It turns out to be the romantic guy from Eat,Love,Pray. Yes. It was him! Kudos to Javier Bardem. You are unnoticeable but still I can see you! ;p

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