Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Life of Pi


Life of Pi. I have been wanted to watch this movie since I saw it’s trailer way back. I could not remember when or how. Maybe I surfed inside IMDB and found this movie. I even marked it as one of my watchlist movie in my IMDB apps.

First of all, I would like to thank NUFFNANG for selecting me to be part of the 40 winners to get to watch the  free pre screening of this movie. It was the best movie that I have ever watch. Even The Memoirs of Geisha and The Last Samurai could not beat it by any chance. If you think that LOTR is the greatest movie ever, this one is incomparable! I seriously could say that this is my favorite movie by far.

It is a depressing movie. Very very depressing. The title is simple but it is so powerful. I really can’t say what kind of things that I have learned inside this movie. Way too much of information, way too much literature and way too much arts for me. It just could not let me breathe for a second. Ang Lee, the Award Winning Director brings it once again. He touches about believe, strength, cope, togetherness, teamwork, love, sadness, never give up and more.

Let me just warn you, if you are an animal lover just like I do, try not to cry. Some part that I could relate to my self is his relationship with Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger. You just got to go and watch this movie. It has so many depression feelings I should say. HAHA. The impact is until now, I watched it earlier. And, do eat some light food before watching too. Watching 3D movie, that involves water and buoying and stuffs it is just uneasy with empty stomach. You need to have strength if you want to watch it with empty stomach as you need to digest A LOT of information and feelings.

Good luck and please, go and watch this movie.

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