Sunday, November 11, 2012

Theater : Tribute Tun Siti Hasmah


Yes! It’s theater time again! I love theater so much. The feeling from watching theater is much greater than watching movies. The truthful in theater makes it more interesting.I have been watching so many theater before this but the one that I like the most is from Infiniti Productions owned by Datin Tiara Jaquelina. The best konti, the best timing set, the best costume, the best seat price as well (haha), the best storyline, the best at everything. I know, most of our producers now are trying to venture into theater. Do that. I have respect to actors/actress who can act in theater more than in a movie or dramas.

As for this theater, me and Irfan watched it on the first opening night. So yes, mistakes are everywhere. From the timing, the lines and all. But it’ll get perfect once they have done it for like 2,3 times more. I bet today it’ll be a perfect performance. But that’s the thrill part of watching a theater. Mistakes will always be there. either from the stageman, props or even the actor/actress themselves. So do not worry about that. Eja and Lisa Surihani and also Esma Daniel has been doing great in being their respective characters.

The only thing that I do need to see improvements are the plots. The story telling part. The flow of the story. Since this is actually a tribut theater, you can’t just show Tun in one perspective. You should combine her being a great mother for her daughters and sons too. Do not neglect that part. We want to '’know’ her more. we want to see how she was with her children. Apart from that, everything was okay except I think the Anwar thingy is not supposed to be there. It does not make any sense at all I should say. ;)

So and watch this theater now! Purchase the tickets at I suggest you purchase the RM75 for more view of the theater.

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