Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Work helpers : Copernic Desktop Search


Hello guys! This time I would like to spare sometime to just introduce to you this incredible Windows File Search installer. The name is Copernic Desktop Search. It is a free installer and you could just install it inside your laptop just in a nick of time. But let me tell you, the hard part is when it wanted to actually indexed each and every file that you wanted, or to stay simple, your whole computer files. But it will run and will not disturb you or your computer at all. It does not take more rams, it does not make my laptop warm and it does not freeze up my screen (as far as I am using it)

I know, sometimes Windows could suck in file searching and most of the time, you could not search inside your hard drive. But this magical baby CAN search inside external drive as well! It is magic! It made my life as a CV screener much much much more simpler and easier! This was actually being introduced by my work clique but I was reluctant to install it because I thought Windows search has already done a very good job. But lately, I could not do file searching inside my external hard drive and it drives me mad! So I take my chance to install this installer and it works like a charm!

The indexing part is awesome! It will indexed the file and keep it inside the installer. Even if my hard drive does not connected to my laptop, when I search some files, it will come out in the search result as well, on that I could not open the file as they did not capture the whole file and I need to attached my external drive if I would like to open them. It was magical. But yes, you need to set it up first as the default will only in searching in C drive. It was something that I have not yet encountered until now. Now I know, this could increase my work productivity a lot more!

Apart from the indexing, you can also selected what kind of files you want to make a display inside the result pane. You can even connected it to your Microsoft Outlook and it could search inside your email as well. How wonderful is that?

So download this installer now here : Copernic Desktop Search Download and choose the HOME and not PERSONAL as personal is not a free installer. :)

Have fun!

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