Tuesday, December 18, 2012

BOTD–Daiso Makeup Remover Tissue


Hello, it’s been a while since I posted a BOTD entry in this blog. I know you guys must be waiting for a makeup product from me to introduce to you (yeah right~ who even bothers. haha) Well, this time I am still under a testing phase for this new item from Daiso. I have got a lot of requests from my subscribers to do a new Daiso haul. So I have been trying to purchase new beauty products from Daiso but sadly, Daiso shop near my home did not restock on the makeup items. So, I have to find a solution on how to satisfy everybody. Then, I found this.

This is a makeup remover tissue. Just like the Biore makeup remover wipes. But this one is a lot more cheaper. But as most people know, cheap products some of them are not comparable to high end or even drug store products. For this tissue, I will give a rate for 3/5. Why so?

Well, first of all, I don’t mind the smell of rose as it has only a slightly rosy smell to it but most of the people that I’ve known, they do not like smelly products onto their skin. It does have a slim smell. Secondly, it only works if you have a light to medium makeup. It does not wipe all of my eye makeup products especially mascara as I tried this one together with a waterproof mascara. Maybe a non waterproof mascara will do. :) Third, I really like how the product does not drip. I mean, the wetness of the tissue is perfect for a facial wipe. Fourth point would be the feelings after wiped out. It did gives my face a smooth and soft feelings. Not greasy and tingling at all. I have sensitive skin so this works well with my face skin. :)

It has no coloring agents, no oil and have got Vitamin E & cucumber extract in it. If you could stop at Daiso, do give this a try. :)

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