Monday, December 31, 2012

BOTD–Sleek Makeup eyeshadow (Sparkle 2 & Ultra Mattes V2)


3rd Pic (L-R) : Chocolate Penny (metallic copper color shade), Blue Spruce (turquoise matte), Mulled Wine, Truffle (Very metallic dark brown), Mistletoe, Illusion

4th Pic (L-R) : Festive (Matte with glitter specks), Gold Ribbon, Glitz and Glamour (matte), Tinsel, Twinkle, Starry Night

Sleek Eye shadow Sparkle 2

Personally, I think this is a good palette of sparkle eye shadow with some mattes as well. It is not silky finish, it is sparkly finish! Haha. Well, for me personally, I do not like sparkly / glittery eye shadow that much. It gives out so much of fall outs and I just hate that. But sometimes, we do need sparkle shining eye makeup to capture the attention. Like..the new year’s eve party or something! :) This palette is actually in conjunction with Christmas and also New Year.

The texture of the eye shadow is basically sparkly. It has small fragments of glitter in it (but for some other dark colors like Twinkle & Starry Night, the glitter could be so big and chunky!) and some of the colors are very very pigmented! I have no idea though why the pigmentation is not the same on each eye shadow. They have the same ingredients (obviously as they came in one palette!) maybe some colors pick ups are more than the others. :)


3rd Pic (L-R) : Orbit, Ink, Highness, Noir, Dune (just near to my skin color), Pillow Talk

4th Pic (L-R) : Thunder, Maple, Flesh (this is a seriously my skin color), Paper Bag, Villain, Fern.

Ultra Mattes V2 Dark

This is another palette that I bought from Sleek Makeup. I ordered this palette together with the Sparkle 2 palette. The reason I ordered this one is because I really really love the Ultra Mattes V1 Bright palette. The eye shadow is very pigmented on that one so I have a great interpretation that this palette could be as great as the V1. And I am right. This palette is brilliant! Just some shadows that is not that pigmented as it has the same exact color as my skin tone. Haha. I have been trying to purchase this palette since day 1 I knew about it. And the other reason that I must have this one is that, I do not have any much color for matte eye shadow. (same old reason ey? hihi)

  Like I said, the pigmentation is great! Although I think you may need an eye primer for this one but I have no problem with that. I always use an eye primer before I put up my eye shadow. Be it the ones which is already pigmented, or not. As I have oily eye lids, I just have to be extra cautions. Some of the eye shadow could be pretty chalky and some are very very very very pigmented. And again, I have no idea how this happens and again like I mentioned earlier, I think it is all because of the color pick up. :)

I love both of the palettes. It was worth the money and time. I love sleek makeup shipping period. She the products are shipped from the UK, it only needed like 1 week to reach me. Which was a great great great shipping time. And per palette it costs only USD 9.99 (without shipping rate)

Purchase at : Sleek Makeup

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